PH-Belgian relations: elephant in the room


One of the very valuable areas in Manila today is the land reclaimed at the Manila Bay. I cannot understand why the president expressed disdain for reclamation projects because obviously all those involved in the Manila Bay reclamation area, the current administration included, are raking in tremendous income and we have just begun to scratch the surface. The boom in tourism alone with the casinos opening up is mind boggling and these are mainly on the reclamation area, why even the inauguration of one casino was graced by the president himself. A big portion of the reclamation was in fact done under a joint venture with a Belgian company at no cost to the government. It is not therefore reclamation projects per se that the president dislikes, this will not make sense since reclamation projects all over the world is a proven method of executing infrastructure projects profitably and strategically, even our own reclamation in the Manila Bay clearly demonstrates it. It must be because the Laguna Bay dredging project was under the former administration of Gloria Arroyo and nothing else. I am curious whether the president on his own cancelled the project or it was upon the advise of an “expert” and if the latter I would want to know who. We are now facing a 6 billion suit for heeding that advise and if we lose I think that tHat expert should be made to account for it.
Domingo L igot


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