PH to buy arms from China, Russia


    SUAL, Pangasinan: The Philippines will turn to Russia and China for arms if the United States makes good on a reported threat to cancel a deal for 26,000 rifles for the Philippine National Police (PNP), President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday.

    Beijing has sent a brochure while Moscow has invited Philippine security officials over to shop for arms, Duterte told reporters.

    The President belittled a report on Tuesday that said US Senator Ben Cardin would oppose the arms deal amid concerns over hundreds of killings linked to the Philippine government’s anti-drug campaign.

    “That’s the problem with America. I look up to them, but the problem, I lost my respect … Look at the monkeys. The 26,000 rifles we are buying from them, they don’t want to sell anymore. Son of a b***h. There are a lot of air rifles here,” the President said in Filipino.

    The President made the remarks before sending off 17 Vietnamese fishermen freed by authorities after being caught poaching off the Ilocos coast in September.

    Duterte said the Russian ambassador had invited him to visit Moscow, which, the President said, has all sorts of equipment needed by the military. He said he had instructed the Defense secretary to go to the Russian capital.

    “Even China. China is open. Anything you want. They sent me a brochure,” the President said.

    Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez 3rd told reporters in Malacañang the US rifle deal was unlikely to affect the “many business transactions between the Philippines and the US” that he described as “really based on mutual benefit to each other.”

    Deal still on

    The PNP chief, Director General Ronald de la Rosa, said Wednesday afternoon the deal was still on, based on a November 1 letter from supplier Global Defense Sales.

    In the letter, a Global Defense Sales executive wrote that rifle manufacturer Sig Sauer had contacted the US Department of State and found that the “license was being processed as normal.”

    Earlier on Wednesday, the PNP chief said in the radio interview that the Philippine government had yet to give advance payment for the procurement of the 26,000 assault rifles.

    “Nothing is lost on the part of the government. We’d lose only time just in case,” de la Rosa said.

    The PNP chief added that the Philippines could always find a new supplier.

    “We can’t force them (US) if they don’t want to sell. We can look for other arms suppliers like Germany, Russia,” he said.


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    1. Duterte — I am NOT A MONKEY. I am a human being. My government does not want to sell arms to your country. Go somewhere else. We don’t care, but, we will continue to call out civil rights violations and the killing of people without due process of LAW. Your name calling of United States citizens does nothing but to show your ignorance and foolishness.

    2. This M4 assault rifles are not Made in China.they are MADE IN AMERICA.Military weapons use by the US MILITARY. are always Made in Ameirca by US Law.

    3. if I were him I will just cancel this voluntarily and buy russian arms. its chepaer yet one of the best.

    4. Germany can provide us their MP7A1 which is a standard NATO weapon. Most of the western world use this a standard PDW. Or opt for the Austrian Beretta kesa made in US. Mas matibay as per mga weapons fanatics. Sana makabili tayo agad para mapakita natin na hindi lang sila ang pwedi nating pagbilhan ng armas pamayapa.

    5. During Marcos time the RP gov’t bought the rights and tooling to manufacture Eugene Stoners Armalite 180 a cheap to manufacture stamp pressed assault rifle.

      Sadly it went the way of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant stigmatized due to association with Marcos.

      It’s about time to establish a defense weaponry scientific agency of the gov’t just like the US DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.

      After all Filipinos were skilled weapons and cannon makers before the coming of the Spaniards. Why is it that we devolved?

    6. All the American seem to attack the Philipine president when they live in his home. I dare them come to Vietnam and attack Vietnam. We put them in a coffin and send them back to the US.

      • Making up for his shortness with tough talk, Notice the We will instead of I will.

        Another case of short man’s disease.

        So you are saying Dutete owns the country ? We know he owns all the sheep that voted for him.

    7. Joshua Schneider on

      Almost forgot, had several conversations with a engineer that worked with TrackingPoint that had developed a automatic fire sniper weapon that made even a average shooter a lethal shooter out to 1400 meters. Our conversations revolved around the use of drones, downrange to give the shooter over the horizon capabilities. That was 7 years ago and the technology has improved to stabilization systems along with auto tracking/firing. PH’s can buy this stuff on the open market..

      Just saying for the odd military person out there….. ..

    8. Joshua Schneider on

      Wow, so many choices and so little money.. But that has always been the strength of both Russian and Chinese assault weapon systems, and make no mistakes about these rifles… they are systems.

      I like the CZ 805 BREN, 5.56*45mm to 7.62*39mm for when you just need more firepower. Picatinny mounts give it great versatility. Make by CZ-UB for the last 8 years it is a proven performer in a wide range of combat situations. Side folding stocks are a must these days and yes it is approved for export.
      I like FN and own several, they are well thought out for mission purpose and extremely durable. The FN F2000 with the 40 mm GL1 grenade launcher is a nice touch also. Beats the heck out of any M-16 or M4. Being a bullpup it is excellent for close in work that would see the most action in a jungle scenario..Add H&K’s G36 to the list, just too many options to list and is an excellent SAW for the PH’s.
      IWI TAR-21 from Israel (DU30 should really partner with these guys.. they know their stuff) and they would love to have another partner in South East Asia.
      The QBZ-95-1 is the latest and so far greatest from China. 35mm grenade launcher is a little light weight and is similar to the US M203.
      Last but not at all least is the Russian KPB-ADS. This fits the PH to a tee. Want breakfast, no problem. Very accurate underwater and packs a punch that would leave a 200 kilo tuna ready for sushi. Dry land, just change the magazine and you are good to go. Highly customizable it would be my first choice for defence of the Philippines.

    9. To President Duterte, this is just the start of US flexing their muscles. They can harm us but we cannot harm them economically. The master servant relationship will always be there. This relationship has been there since time began. It just depends if I profit from the transaction. I must take advantage of the situation. I really do not care if US look at me as a midget and they are the giants. It is just a perception issue. If we do not like the deal, strings attached, too many condition , so we must refuse and no deal. Let us make this as a buyer seller relationship. If the transaction is favorable, take it. Like the disaster relief from US, take it. If it is a loan, it is up to us to take it or leave it.

      • Harm us by not selling 26,000 M4 assault rifles? Russia and Israel can come to the rescue with their AK 12 and TAV12 assault rifles…… ,

      • Do you really think Russia or China think Filipinos act like adults? The U.S. knows now that Duterte is not capable of making a good decision. To much anger in this guy for him to think straight. Most of the people in Mindinao have this attitude. That’s probably why nobody from there has ever been elected before. Your new masters from Russia and China won’t allow you to worsihip the way you want. The minium wage in China is one dollar and ninety cents a day. Filipinos think that other nations owe them a living. That’s not the case. If Filipinos really wanted to they could very well do that themselves. They don’t want that though. They just seem to want to complain about not having and then when an opportunity arises they complain about having to work and then they quit and complain some more. It is a never ending cycle.

      • That someone doesn’t need any respect from people like you or anybody who treat us Filipinos like puppies.. the hell with you…

    10. jeff jaramillo on

      And the funny part of it is that the assault rifles the Americans are selling us are all made in China! What is worse is that utang nila yon pagkatapos ibebenta sa atin. Kumikita sila na walang puhunan. Lutong lugaw!

      • Cruelty impresses, people want to be afraid of something. They want someone to whom they can submit.

        Beat a dog once and you only have to show him the whip from then on.

        Every 6 years