PH can’t survive without US – Lacson


THE Philippines will not be able to survive external threats without the United States, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said on Tuesday, disputing a statement of Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana that the country can make it even without Washington’s military support.

“I don’t believe him [Lorenzana] when he said masu-survive natin [that we will survive]in terms of equipage. Our AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] used to American-made equipment,” Lacson explained.

Lorenzana, during the Senate finance committee hearing on the proposed 2017 budget, said the Philippines can look for other allies if the country will cut its ties with the US.

“I think we will survive,” the Defense chief told the senators.

But Lacson said most of the ships and aircraft being used by the AFP are made in the US.

“It will be difficult for us. We can withdraw dependence from US gradually but not abrupt,” he added.

President Rodrigo Duterte has been attacking the US and said he will seek closer ties with China and Russia.
But Lacson said the President should reconsider his anti-US posture.

“We don’t need to be hostile against any nation. What we need are allies especially in our situation now that there are intrusions. We need to be allies also with China and other nations but let’s not end ties with US, EU
[European Union],” the senator added.


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  1. Sino kaya magiging kaaway ng Pinas? Noong nariyan pa ako sa Senado, sa isang hearing sa budget tungkol sa Department of Defense, nagtanong ang isang Senador: General, kung meron conventional war with Malaysia, ilang araw ang kaya ng gobyerno para sa ammunition, fuel, food supply at iba pang logistics ng tropa, sagot ng General, isang linggo lang Senador sir, pagka tapus ano dugtong ng Senador, General, e, guerrilla warfare na! Tatandaan na WWII vintage ang mga barko, eroplano alang bago, ngunit malayo tayong magkaka digmaan sa ngayon panahon. Ang kaaway ay domestic talaga, tulad sa ASG/ISIS. I doubt if the US will come to aid the Pinas, remember there are no automatic clauses in the documents, besides, war has to be d4eclared by thew US Congress. LOL

  2. mabait na pinoy on

    President Duterte’s actions, to cut ties with the U.S. are the results of his stupidity and arrogance. Everything will be affected, to include foreign aid, economic aid and military aid and these are not crumbs either. The existing military equipment that are being used by the AFP , to include their ships and aircrafts are made in USA. What happens if these equipment need to be repaired during routine maintenance? Where would you get repair parts, after embarrassing the U.S.? What happens if another YOLANDA hit four or five regions in the Philippines simultaneously and casualties are very high and property damages are beyond imagination? Where would Duterte beg for help?

    • He could call the heroes of Tacloban

      Binay, Roxas and Aquino

      Binay can put his picture on all the relief goods.
      Roxas can wait 5 days before heroically setting up food and water stations
      Aquino can give speeches about all the stuff they will never do.

      Whatever happened to all the foreign aid ? Did it end up in bogus ghost projects that Aquino’s administration liked so much ?

  3. Duterte is going to convert the Philippines into a communist country, He just has not shared that plan with the general public yet.

  4. Why cut ties with US, for what reason, this administration should know what they are doing. It sounds like they are jeopardizing the security of the country. Our problems are corruptions, Illegal drugs, creation of jobs, and bully China. Why side with our enemy, and breakaway with our friends and allies, it just doesn’t make any sense.

    • Yeah, I agree. We should never cut ties with our friend, America. We have Filipinos that are elected officials such as Mayors and various government positions. In the U. S. Army, U. S. Navy and Air Force, We have generals and admirals. Even in the Whitehouse, we have admirals. The American govt. respect Filipino descents and even those that were born in the Philippines. A lot of them became commanding officers of U S Army and Navy, a positions many American citizens desires but not able to. America is a great country and friends of Filipinos. Can you find any Filipino military officers born and naturalized in any country. Not in China, not in Russia and not anywhere else. We are not doormat in the eyes of America. Filipinos are treated equally by U. S. A. Duterte is dead
      wrong as well as his blind followers. Mabuhay ang Philippines and USA

  5. Yup, America and Americans has treated our country and the Filipino people in the USA like their equal. We have so many successful pilipinos in the U. S. owning successful establishments businesses Majority, I mean majority of Filipinos after 4 or 5 years of staying in the U. S becomes homeowners. In other countries like the Middle East and Hong-Kong, China, a lot of Pinoys are domestic helpers and have been violently abused. Pinoy are better off even with the Australian government. Pinoys in the U. S. can become elected officials such as majors and various local govt positions. In the military, we have Pinoys that are generals and admirals. We the Pinoys in America are treated better here than any other countries in the world.