PH center of world drug trade


(By Joel M. Sy Egco, Headline, January 2, 2014)
Philippines weak laws, corrupt officials, easy grease money under the table. Taking the direct toll of what bribing can do to call as the drug cartel transshipment Hub in Asia. We have no death penalty, we have the most corrupt and gullible local officials, and the weakest Intelligence in Southeast Asea. So it’s no wonder that Philippines is the best nest to hatch big drug courier, transshipment and manufacturing of dangerous drugs.
Golden King,

Two posibilities why the FilAm involved with “Filipino-Chinese, Garry Tan alias Chua, is a big drug trafficker who works with Torres, who has a United States (US) passport. Arrested with Tan were a Filipino couple, Argay and Rochelle Argenos”. 1. He could be a double agent or 2. the US Drug Enforcement wanted him to make his move while US agents on surveillance will be waiting for him to contact a Mexican drug dealer after he leaves the airport.
Steve R,

If we cannot jail big time criminals in our legislature, I don’t see much progress in jailing foreign criminals.
Leave a Reply,

This is expected because Philippines refused to inflict capital punishment, death to these drug traders unlike the rest of nations around it. We put the to jail only for a while because of their massive contacts and their unlimited treasures to pay their way out.
Rocky Coronel,

After arrests, then what? The Fil-Am involved in that Lipa ranch drug raid has already left for the US. Why did they allow him to leave? He should have been placed on watch list immediately during the period he was under surveillance by the government agents. The authorities know who the Chinese drug lords are always meeting at Resorts World. What did they do? Are they not going to take actions? Still investigation and gathering evidences?

We can understand the Mexican Cartel very active in the US and countries close to Mexico. But never imagined that this largest criminal gang has also penetrated the Philippines.


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