• PH consumers give high marks to ‘digital experience’


    More than half of the consumers in the Philippines are “delighted” with the digital experiences they had with local brands, indicating a relatively high trust from consumers in sharing their personal information just to avail of digital interactions among these companies.

    The SAP Digital Experience Report for the Philippines released on Tuesday surveyed 500 consumers in the country and over 1,200 digital interactions with local brands during the April to June period of this year.

    In the report, “digital experience” is defined as how a brand digitally interacts with its customers during the discovery, purchase, delivery, and support of a product or service.

    The SAP report said 54 percent of Filipino consumers were “delighted” with their digital experiences from local companies, while 25 percent categorized their experience as ambivalent, and 21 percent were unsatisfied with their experience.

    These consumers factored in “safety and security” as a top priority in engaging in digital experiences, with 77 percent of them rating it as 9 to 10 in terms of importance.

    The study showed strong correlation between satisfaction of digital experience and the willingness of consumers to disclose personal information. SAP found out that the delighted consumers “were nearly three times more likely to provide brands with personal data than those who were unsatisfied.” This information included personal finances, health records, educational level and buying preferences, among others.

    Including safety and security, the SAP study asked respondents about 14 attributes that make up a consumer’s digital experience, which are: available anytime on my terms; cohesive, integrated and simple; fits in with my life, and is effortless; timely and dedicated to my needs; responsive and interactive; relevant offers without infringing on privacy; customized and tailored to my preferences; makes me feel important; predicts my preferences; associates with my identity; makes me love the brand; excites and engages me; and makes me feel unique.

    Ryan Poggi, managing director of SAP Philippines, said the results of the study bodes well with the profile of “increasingly sophisticated Filipino consumers who are always on the go and are tech savvy.”

    “A recent ITU Facts and Figures Report for 2015 on the percentage of individuals using internet stated that 41 percent of individuals in the Philippines leverage the internet for various uses. This highlights the explosive potential growth of digital in the Philippines in the near future,” Poggi said.

    “However, with all the complexity brought on by multiple device usage and digital apps to choose from, today’s customers demand simple, seamless and personalized experiences across any channel, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. As evident in SAP’s Digital Experience Report, brands that fail to realize this will see a drop in share of consumers’ wallet,” he added.

    The SAP chief said brands can bridge the digital experience gap by “adopting a clear strategy that brings together marketing, sales, services, and commerce” that will ensure seamless digitization for the entire consumer experience not only in the Philippines, but also for brands across the globe.

    In the Southeast Asian space, an identical study was conducted with more than 3,600 consumers who rated 240 brands through their 9,375 digital interactions against the 14 attributes. The covered countries include the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.


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