Ph Embassy in Kuala Lumpur: Passports already released


[In response to the news item titled "600 Pinoy farm workers without work permits face deportation in Malaysia”, which appears in The Manila Times online edition July 12, the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur sends in the following press release.]

13 July 2013 — The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur stated today that it has released most of the 687 passports allegedly earlier filed for and not yet released to applicants in Sabah, while the processing of the other passport applications or the release of the approved ones has been hampered by insufficient documents submitted or not having proper return address, respectively.

“In many cases, the applicants improperly wrote their return mailing address in the application form, or have since moved to another place without properly notifying the Embassy. A number of applications have also been disapproved for lack of birth certificates or similar documents,” the Embassy noted.

Nonetheless, it is currently cross-checking each name in the list and in the case of passports still with the Embassy, it will ensure that these passports will be received right away by the applicants.

It has also implemented a strict regulation that passport applicants in Sabah give their proper mailing addresses and contact details to ensure that passports are properly delivered to their intended recipients.

The Embassy said that it cannot work with Juvy Ranjit or her placement agency, Pinoy Resources, as their accreditation with the Embassy is on hold due to numerous complaints from Filipino community members for overcharging of fees and non-delivery of services.

The agency was also the subject of an exposé by an ABS-CBN news team and the Blas F. Ople Foundation, which aired in the ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol in March last year, for its alleged involvement in the sale and proliferation of falsified Philippine birth certificates to undocumented Filipinos in Sabah.

“The Philippine Embassy has always given particular attention to the well-being of Filipinos in Sabah, and regularly dispatches its personnel on consular missions there. A seven-person Embassy team was in Lahad Datu from May 27 to June 7 and also in Kunak and Tawau from June 16 to 29. Another seven-person team is now in Kota Kinabalu until July 20, and has so far processed the passport applications of nearly 1,000 Filipinos. Some of the passports processed during these missions were already received by the applicants,” the Embassy stated.

“The Embassy will remain focused on uplifting the welfare of Filipinos there and will not relent in its mission,” it added.


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  1. I agree with Mr. Ranjit!! ..PS. The article writer must also listen or get data from all parties involved not just on the side of the Embassy in KL..

  2. gretchen molina on

    I agree with you Mr. Ranjit… as far as I know there are still pending passports in the Embassy yet to be released. Why only now the embassy inform the public that the passport application that was applied last year to be insufficient? why not inform the applicant that very time they applied. why wait for a couple of months to inform them? Why let them wait for nothing? why so very difficult for these people specifically those in the embassy to communicate with the people. Don’t you ever forget why you are there in your position… So return the passport of the Filipino people they need that. Here in Malaysia, the passport is their Life.

  3. Khushwant S. Ranjit on

    The Philippines Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has failed miserably in helping the Filipino workers in Sabah and the opportunity given by the Malaysian Government for undocumented workers during the Amnesty Program was sabotaged single handedly by the inexperienced and arrogant Ambassador Malaya.

    The real motive for his actions will be revealed very soon. Why does Pinoy Resources need accreditation from the Philippines Embassy ? It is a Malaysian registered company. Juvy Ranjit has been working with other Ambassadors for a very long time now and even past Presidents have acknowledged her work in assisting the Filipino community in Sabah. The present Ambassador could not get what he was demanding and that is why all this feet dragging.

    Why were the Passport applications processed so fast and payments accepted by the Embassy ? If there were discrepancies or incomplete information it should have been verified and rejected during application. Why accept payment then come up with all sorts of unfounded excuses. You say you cannot work with Juvy Ranjit yet you accepted the application and payment for Passports from her and also produced the receipts to her organisation. Where is the logic ? Don’t you smell a rat ?

    Coming to the issue of the report by ABS-CBN until now nothing can be proven because all Birth Certificates were genuine. The Blas Ople Foundation were made use of by the Ambassador and did not check their sources before making a sweeping statement just to be in the lime light. FYI the Foundation and ABS-CBN reporter Henry Diaz is being sued by Pinoy Resources.

    Pinoy Resources is a highly credible and well known organisation and member of many anti-vice and human trafficking organisations around the world, some based in Manila. Their work is well documented and what was done by the Ambassador is going to hit him back hard. He knows very little of the plight of the Filipino people in Sabah and there is going to be a huge backlash of his incompetence and greed.

    I urge the DFA to investigate this issue thoroughly before further damage is done. There is also the belief that the Ambassador has sabotaged the issuance of Passports to the Filipinos in Sabah mainly because 90% of them applying are Muslims. This is indeed a fact. How come the Indonesian Embassy has been so successful in the issuance of Passports and taking full advantage of the Amnesty Program ?

    Pinoy Resources is part of an organisation set up by highly respected individuals and accredited by the Government Agencies in Malaysia and registered with the Special Federal Task Force to process the work permits for undocumented foreign workers, thus eliminating the operation and abuse by fly by night unscrupulous companies and individuals in cheating the workers. The statement by the Embassy is therefore baseless and in desperation. Their letter to the authorities in Sabah trying to discredit Pinoy Resources and Juvy Ranjit has also made them lose every bit of dignity.

    Shame on you Eduardo Malaya….!