• PH envoys rape, sell OFWs

    OFWs line up to get their belongings upon arrival at  the Manila Internationa Airport. File Photo

    OFWs line up to get their belongings upon arrival at the Manila Internationa Airport. File Photo

    AFTER enduring the abuses of their employers, many female overseas Filipino workers (OFW) in the Middle East also suffered at the hands of Philippine Embassy officials who either raped them or turned them into prostitutes, a lawmaker said on Tuesday.

    Rep. Walden Bello of Akbayan Party-list said at least three embassy officials should be sacked and recalled to the country immediately to face prosecution.

    The lawmaker, citing unimpeachable sources from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), identified these Embassy officials as a certain “Kim”, Mario Antonio and Blas Marquez.

    Kim, a member of the Augmentation Team of the DFA stationed in the Philippine Embassy in Damascus, Syria, was reportedly caught by several witnesses having sex with a female OFW at the Embassy shelter for distressed workers.

    Bello said Kim also had sexual relationships with four distressed OFWs in the past.

    $1,000 per night
    The cases of Antonio and Mar­quez were just as worse.

    Antonio, who serves as the Assistant Labor Attache of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Amman, Jordan, turned the distressed OFWs in the Filipino Workers Resource Center (FWRC) into prostitutes and sold them to wealthy Palestinian men.
    A one-night stand with a Filipina costs at least $1,000 dollars or P43,000.

    On the other hand, Marquez, a local hire of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Kuwait, also turned the FWRC in Kuwait into a prostitution center just like Antonio.

    “These criminals parading as officials must be stripped of their positions, recalled to the Philippines and prosecuted. Sexual abuse on our womenfolk perpetrated by their foreign employers is an awful crime, but what is more awful is the exploitation by their own compatriots in a strange land,” Bello said in a press conference.

    “It becomes even more terrible when they are sexually exploited by government officials who are supposed to protect them,” he stressed.

    Also on Tuesday, Malacañang said it expects the appropriate agencies to act on the allegations against the three officials.

    Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said the government, through the Labor department, immediately created a team that would investigate the allegations.

    She said the DFA has directed the Head of the Embassy in Kuwait to act on reports that “sex-for-repatriation” scheme.

    “The DFA is already looking into this. The Head of the Embassy in Kuwait has been instructed to act on this,” the Palace official said.

    However, she said that no formal sexual harassment complaint has been filed yet.

    ”To this date, we have not received any formal complaint from the alleged victims,” Valte said, as she called on victims to file complaints against those involved.

    ”We are encouraging those with information or those who have been victimized by these alleged practices to come forward and to file complaints because the DFA is more than willing to act on them,” Valte assured.

    Sitting pretty
    According to Bello, the three embassy officials are sitting pretty in their respective posts despite repeated offenses.

    For engaging in sexual relationships with distressed OFWs, the man nicknamed only as Kim was only ordered by the Philippine Embassy in Damascus to attend modules on Gender Sensitivity and Assistance to Nationals of the next Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar, as well as secure certification from the Foreign Service Institute that he was able to complete these modules before he will be considered for posting.

    “We cannot understand the reason for such kid gloves treatment of an individual who has a record of sexually exploiting OFWs. The authorities in Manila already want him sacked and recalled, but their hands are tied since a course of action must be recommended by the head of the post,” Bello said.

    The Philippine Embassy in Damascus is headed by Ambassador Nestor Padalhin.

    Antonio is also having a field day as a prostitution ring head in Jordan, considering that he remains glued to his post even if his activities already prompted the government of Jordan to declare him persona non-grata. Antonio, Bello said, has been involved in prostitution even in his previous postings in Beirut, Lebanon and in Tokyo, Japan.

    Just as baffling is the case of Marquez, who is clinging to his post even if the diplomats who had knowledge about his illegal activities—former Ambassador Shulan Primavera and Assistant Labor Attache Ofelia De Castro—have long been relieved and recalled to the Philippines.

    In addition, the Commission on Audit also found Marquez shortchanging the OFWs by at least P330,000 a year since 1997 by using a higher exchange rate in issuing Overseas Employment Certificates.

    “Our sources have asked out to expose the criminals in their ranks because their acts are giving their agencies a bad name, and they can no longer tolerate the inaction of their superiors. We cannot afford to have officials like these people,” Bello pointed out.

    Bello uged Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario and Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz to immediately rid their respective agencies of such officials as soon as possible.

    “We must dismiss them from government service and prosecute them because this is what justice demands. We must restore the faith of our OFWs in our government’s ability to protect them because who knows? This could only be the tip of the iceberg,” Bello added.

    In response to Bello’s statement, the DFA urged the alleged victims of Philippine embassy officials in the Middle East to file formal complaints.

    Raul Hernandez, Foreign Affairs spokesman, issued the statement as he announced that the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait is currently looking into the news reports about “sex-for-fly” incidents there involving labor officials.

    According to news reports, labor officials at the embassy demand sexual favors in return for airline tickets so distressed Filipinos there before they can go back home to Manila.
    “We would like to ask the alleged victims to come forward and file a formal complaint against the perpetrators,” Her­nandez said.

    Another DFA official, who refused to be identified, said the agency will find it to hard to start investigations and hearings regarding the alleged crimes if the victims would not come forward and file the complaints.

    The same source also said the Foreign Affairs department is willing to look into these alleged incidents of “abuse of power” as long as there are evidences and proper complaints are filed.

    The source added that unless complaints against these officials are formalized, the department would be hard-pressed to impose administrative sanctions on them.


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    1. That’s the problem of our government when it comes to start investigation of such crimes. They say they cannot move unless someone file a complain. Common sense dictates that those victims were in the midst of mental disorder, financially bankrupt, emotionally down, physically drained and yet the government officials has the penchant to call them to come forward expose your identity to the whole world. Its just adding insult to the injury, parading them to ridicule without dignity to hold on as their only wealth in life, putting them again into the vengeful hands of predators for pressure and intimidations. Ms. Valte should know more being a woman herself and not just to announce to the media encouraging victims to come out and file complain after complains without assurance of their safety, financial and legal assistance to both. Its a mockery of justice dispensation to start with if we just declared it this way half-heartedly without specific assistance to the victims.
      This will only benefit the sitting government as an added pogi point if the wicked violators will be charged in court but on the other hand, its an additional burden and shame to the victim and families, though justice has been rewarded courtesy of the government who employed leech blood sucking predators of their own people.There is no difference here of raping your own daughters if I may say so. It’s your own kababayan that you are serving their need and yet you are devouring them physically against their will. God forbid that this demon possessed government chosen servants to OFW may one day experienced what they inflicted to their victims. You predators, don’t you have daugthers or sisters too? May their thrives decrease so the earth may live in peace and righteousness.
      My parting word is, recall immediately these predators without any hesitation and subject them for confinement so they may not interfere, intimidate and influence the investigation. Whether they are guilty or not, its only proper to recall them home right away in order to dispell white wash and tolerance of the unacceptable behaivior of these kind of government servants chosen with padrino and utang na loob filipino culture system. Take note of their previous bad records which the DFA, POEA, OWWA, DOLE & etc. just ignored and look blindly due to reasons behind that their superiors only knows and must expalin to the Filipino people foremost to OFW.

      As one politician say, perhaps this is only the thick of an iceberg. Who knows? Remember this, arrogant and drunkard diplomat who was video taped and shown on the internet? That’s the kind of our government officials behaivior who has been tolerated of past violations by our own government. So don’t be surprised because it is already imbedded in our governement system? Again, I am not surprised why many people are going to the mountains and why we have vigilantes.

      So what’s up Ms. Valte? What’s the update about this arrogant and drunkard DFA official?

      Assuming that there is no truth to the allegations, then I will take back my words and give it back to those people peddling lies.

    2. There should be a law defining the job contract and number of years for these position abroad. Then follow the protocol… Transparency is needed….

      (MGA BWAYA sa PWESTO)!

      Panawagan sa mamayan PILIPINO na ibunyag ang mga pagsasamantala sa pwesto ng mga katuwali sa consulado sa San Francisco California, USA
      Ang mga mangagawa na matagal na nagsasamantala sa pwesto ng GOBYERNO sa consulado ng San Francisco ay ang mga sumusunod.

      Sa Departamento ng Foreign Affairs: Ang mga kamaganak pati na ang mga magulang ay pinagtratrabaho bilang care giver. Ang mga anak ay pinagsasamantalahan and kabutihan ng Amerika na bigyan ng libreng edukasyon at ay ayaw na umuwi sa Pilipinas ang mga anak. Ang mga naghihintay na pagkakataon sa mga ibang kagawad na sanga ng atin gobyerno ay nakakabinbin at wala na pagaasang makamit any kanilang pangarap na manungkulan para sa atin Inang Bayan.

      Kung may DYNASTY sa politika, mayroon din Dynasty sa consulado ng California San Francisco.

      Nanawagan ako sa mamayan ng aking Bayan na MADALIIN suruin ng mabuti ang mga makapagsamantala na mga kagawad na empleyado ng Consulado ng Pilipinas sa San Francisco.

      Tawagan and inyong mga kagawad sa Gobyerno at paimbistigahan ang mga PAMILYA na matagal na naninirihan sa San Francisco. Ito ay isang PAGSASAMANTALA sa kapanyarihan! Repasuhin and pagpapadala ng mga taong galling sa Gobyerno na dapat may hangang araw sa panunungkulan sa Overseas. KAAWA AWA naman ang mga taong sa gobyernon saPilipinas na gusto matikman at patunayan sa kanilang sarili na may mabuti silang agenda para sa mga taong nangangailang ng tulong sa Consulado sa San Francisco.

      Kailangan na pagbigyan ang mga kabataan ng minilbihan sa atin gobyerno para and ginhawa ay makalat sa mahihirap at hindi sa mga pamilya na magpasamantalam na kagaya ng mga taong nandirito mahigit na sa SAMPUNG TAON. Hanga sa Amerika ay umiiral and PAGSASAMANTALA ng mga taong na sa PWESTO!

      MAHIYA KAYO NASA CONSULADO NG SAN FRANCISCO! Pagbigyan naman ninyo ang mga nasa MAYNILA na hindi pa nabibigyan ng Pagkakataon ng manugkulan sa HIMPAPAWID!

      Ang mga OVER STAYING at Kapit TUKO ng mga mangagawa sa atin Konsulado sa San Francosco, California.
      Philipppine Trade and Investment: 415-773-2336 –Mylene Juan – 15 years
      Philippines Department of Tourism : 415-520-7250 – Rene delos Santos – 20 years; Debbie – 15 years; Anonymous – 15 years (dala pa ang anak sa trabaho)
      Philippine Center: 415-982-6153
      Philippine Consulate: 433-6666 – Kahit wala na sa panunungkulan ay may pabor na hinihingi para sa mga kailbigan at kamag anak.


    5. swift justice must be done here. I thought we are a nation of laws? well, prove it here then. or are we just a nation of laws for the elite. these rapist and abusers should not only be fired but be jailed for over 10 yrs.

    6. Arch.Angel(Lito) Lingan Mallonga on

      Its time to kick those who abused their position in all the Embassies and Consulates
      for they are disgrace to all our people be in the Philippines and around the world. Regardless if there are complains or not they should be bared to hold any position in the government. If they drink alcohol while they are facing the public than they should be kick out right away. As the saying goes in North America, don’t drink and drive. It is against the law. Same with Drinking Alcohol as you deal with the public. We have to set higher standards including protecting not only our woman OFW from being abused and used by our own government officials at our embassies and consulates. When a woman says NO, never take advantage of her.No means NO. This is the only way we will be respected by other countries. No more kakilala kilala and no more relatives and connection connections!!!! Tell this to Pres. Benigno Aquino III if he wants to really help our people in general.