PH fares badly in quality of life and quality of death


Having the world’s worst airport, worst traffic, slowest internet, and all those upside-down world distinctions should be enough to put the Aquino government and every Filipino to shame.

But if you think these define the limits or extent of our humiliation, think again!

Believe it or not, during the nearly six years of governance by President Benigno BS Aquino 3rd, we have experienced what should be considered the worst indignity of all.

IN both quality of life and quality of death, Philippines, our Philippines, fares badly in comparison to the rest of Southeast Asia, Asia and the entire world.

Deep down, we all suspected that the quality of life hereabouts is subpar, because of the many miseries and deprivations we live with every day, whether we live in the national capital or in the countryside.

What is depressing to discover is the fact that the quality of death hereabouts is worse than you could ever have imagined.

Quality of death

What kind of twisted soul am I that I happen to collect information on these matters? Do I do it just to torment or annoy President Aquino?

No, my interest is strictly journalistic and patriotic? I want to be proud of my country and my people? Which I was once upon a time.

Blame it if you wish on the highly respected British weekly, the Economist, than which there is no better weekly newsmagazine today.

In a 2015 quality of death study index, Economist listed the Philippines as one of the worst places to die in, next to Iraq and Bangladesh.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, in a documented report, ranked the Philippines as 78th out of 80 countries.

The quality of death index was measured across five categories: palliative and healthcare environment; human resources, affordable care, quality of care, and level of community engagement.

Our low ranking is surprising because nursing and caregiving are popular professions in the country. And Filipinos are known to care for their loved ones all the way up to the grave.

In the rankings, Malaysia ranked 38th, Thailand 44th, Vietnam, 58th,Sri Lanka 65th, and India 67th.

As already noted, we were 78th. Iraq was 79th, and Bangladesh was 80th.

It’s possible that the Economist decided to publicize the index after the distressing and embarrassing story about the Anglo-American Nobel laureate who died in the country beause of the denial of hospital care.

Really cringe-worthy that one.

I suspect that our quality of death ranking will sink even further with the confused handling of all the massacres and disasters by the administration.

Quality of life

Given the quality of death record, it‘s no surprise that we perform just as poorly in the quality of life index.

Mercer’s quality of living survey is internationally regarded as the world’s most comprehensive quality of living survey. It is produced for and used by global companies.
Mercer’s lists and ranks cities, not countries.

In the Mercer’s quality of life index 2016, the following were the salient findings:
Singapore remains the highest ranking city in Asia; while Dhaka , the capital of Bangladesh, holds the tailend.

Following Singapore in Southeast Asia are:

Kuala Lumpur (86); Bangkok (129); Manila (136); and Jakarta (142).
Other Asian cities in the rankings are:

Tokyo (44); Hong Kong (70); Taipei (84); Shanghai (101); and Beijing (118).
The cities of Australia and New Zealand have some of the highest quality of living ratings worldwide.

These are: Auckland (3); Sydney (10); Wellington (12); and Melbourne (15).
Vienna, Austria won the Oscar as the city with the highest quality of life.

Liveability index

The Economist, for its part, rates cities based on what it calls the Economist Intelligence Unit liveability index.

Its 2015 index ranked Manila as 104th among the world’s top cities in terms of liveability, which is loosely defined as suitability for living in, and pleasantness to live in.

Even President Aquino, for all his claims that the Philippines is now “the darling of Asia,” will not dare fantasize that Manila would have a high quality of life rating – given the dismal traffic, the poor infrastructure, and the slum conditions that dot the urban landscape.

My son who rides the LRT and MRT every day tells me that you can tell a lot about our quality of life in the metropolis by viewing our capital from above ground level.

That’s not even talking yet about the quality of life inside our homes and on our dining tables. Also deserving to be factored in are the quality of education, the amenities of social life; the quality of leisure and entertainment, and life inside our work places.

World’s worst Supreme Court?

The world has become increasingly competitive on nearly everything. Nations and cities are now regularly ranked on the basis of their governance and quality of institutions.
Global lists and rankings are being published somewhere every day.

Last month, I was clued in by a friend to look at a new Global Good Country Index, which measures and ranks each country’s contribution to international life and the welfare of humanity. How our country fares in this one must wait for another column.

I expect that there will be soon a listing or ranking of the world’s Supreme Courts, and the quality of the rule of law in nations.

Guess whose Supreme Court is likely to be in the running as the world’s worst Supreme Court – if as my colleague Kit Tatad fears, our SC justices deal the death blow to the Constitution and the High Court.

I await with bated breath the announcement today of the Court’s verdict on the motions for review of its controversial decision on the Grace Poe disqualification case.


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  1. You forgot to mention that Philippines also ranks highest in the world in per capita killings of journalists, probably attributed to the same gov’t you’re criticizing. Articles like these in the Philippines are dangerous to one’s health. One think that always amazed us foreigners is how tolerant (or maybe rather omnipotent) the Pinoys are towards their Gov’t. In other countries Aquino’s entire cabinet would long be hung from lamp posts by an angry mob to show any future corrupt motherf*ckers what happens with corrupt motherf*ckers. This would curb corruption overnight which is the underlying cause of every f*cking problem in the Philippines. Great Country Great People but un-f*cking-believable Gov’t.

  2. I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve lived all over the world. I live in Manila now. It is a shit hole in the truest sense. There is nothing to love about this city. Nothing works. No one is happy to be here. Its polluted, loud and always inconvenient. The best thing that could happen to Manila is an earthquake tears it all down and a typhoon washes it all away and someone with half a brain is allowed to rebuild it with some fraction of common sense. You suck Manila. Everyone hates you.

  3. Even though I would rather be here. And it’s been that way ever since I first came here 53 years ago. I lot of the things liking in the Philippines doesn’t make the people. I am from the US where there are some of the worse people on earth because of things. I think the Philippines has some of the best people there is and people is what makes a country.

  4. Ang balita ko ay may bagong line daw ang Japan Shinkansen(Bullet Train) from Hakodate, a city in Hokkaido Island to Tokyo. And it goes sub sea dahil may dagat sa pagitan nang Honshu Island at Hokkaido. Nasubukan ko na rin ang Bullet Train service nang South Korea from Seoul to Daegu. And from what I heard, very impressive ang bullet train nag China. At ang nakakamanghang pag create nang mga islands out of mere islets,reefs/rocks and atolls jan sa sakop na dagat ng Pilipinas sa WPS. Nakasakay na rin ako sa TGV Train system nang Francemula Paris to Lourdes.

    Heres the take: you can gauge how modern and improved a country’s infrastructure system by mere assessment of her train system in place.
    You can easily conclude that their Gov’t is pouring all Gov’t Funds to improve the lives of their citizens. RP’s train system is a total shame.

    Nakasakay na rin ako sa pupugak-pugak na train system nang Pilipinas na PNR mula Tutuban. Pagdating sa @#%&**inang Paco station ay itinirik kami nang @#$%&* bagon ng tran na pupugak-pugak.

    The rest of the world has modernized, much improved and better infrastucture of multi Billion Dollars. The Philippines has modernized and much improved CORRUPT-INFESTED SYSTEM. IYUN LANG, THIRD WORLD NA THIRD WORLD ANG PILIPINAS. SALAMAT SA MGA MAGNANAKAW NA PULITIKA, SA MAGNANAKAW NA SISTEMA. AT TAYO NA NGAYON ANG GLOBAL CAPITAL NANG GLOBAL MONEY LAUNDERING PROCESS.

  5. Roger Marcelo on

    I own a shirt which says : Filipino ako, ikinararangal ang nakaraan.

    Maybe we should have one which says: Filipino ako, ikinararangal any nakaraan,
    ikinahihiya ang kasalukuyan,
    ikinatatakot ang kinabukasan.

  6. Will you believe in Panama papers?? it is only their interest para makilala sila.As far as i hve heard and saw the news from al Jazeera, news France, this panama papers specifically mentioned about those who are members of the FIFA, then why JV ejercito and Imee Marcos is member of FIFA??? it sounds funny, and crazy who included our politician in this event…..FIFA ??????Pinagloloko na nmn ninyo ang mga Filipino thru your fabricated stories.. I am watching all international news, even NHK world Japan. na hindi available sa ating cable tv..

    • Ang mga tao na nasama sa panama papers ay sina mArcos at JV, kasama rin ang mga officials ng FIFA. Pati nga soccer players nadamay. Baka di mo lng nagets yung story.

  7. From the earliest day of Philippine Independence, the legacy of corruption from both Public and Private were carried on to this date. There were improvement on infrastructure but
    slow and expensive. It could not match the rapid population growth. How to solve this problem is somewhat difficult for planners but can be done as long as no political beckering.
    All parties should take their oath that corruption should be eliminated, criminals should not
    hold office, justice department should be non-partisan, stand for what is right, etc.

  8. Amnata Pundit on

    This agony we are now forced to endure is the result of the poison that is called EDSA. This drop in the quality of life, Grace Poe, SAF 44, pork barrel scam, ad infinitum that make our society look like it has contracted mad cow disease is all caused by that poison. All the attention and efforts of all right thinking Filipinos today should focus on how to purge our nation of this toxic madness that has taken over our system. Attack the disease itself, not just the symptoms as they come. If we fail, we just might end up becoming the Iraq, or Syria or Libya of Southeast Asia. All the necessary ingredients are already in place: MILF, MNLF, ASG, BIFF, NPA, BBL, South China Sea tensions, American meddling, lunatics and hypocrites and quislings in government, to mention only a few. We are close to the make or break point. You are right, there was a time we were proud to be Filipino, and that was during Marcos’ time. We badly need another one like him.

  9. Arthur Keefe on

    I think the title as the worst airport in the world needs to be revisited. I travel through it on both international and domestic flights, and it has much improved. (sadly hit by the black out last week though!)

  10. Phil. SC s will absolutely lord it over… no doubt about it i’ll put my 100 peso bill on the betting table if someone dares to challenge me…..kasikasi….

  11. U cannot blame it all to pnoy. Blame it our laid back culture and pwefe na iyan system. Our standard of living is in the gutter and been like this since Marcos time and hardly changed for the better plus our corruptable culture. Anything can be bought. Just look at the recent money laundering case mostly done by private citizens not government.

    • anton, tama ka na blame should not solely on benito but after we kicked out marcos we expected so much from the aquinos. we let cory’s failures slide coz we knew that 6 years was not enough to ‘cleanse’ the system. we had ramos, erap, arroyo after but we got disillusioned further thus we elected a nobody, no nothing person who luckily was the son of benigno and cory hoping that everything would change. as you very well know, NOTHING CHANGED AND SOME PERCEIVE THAT BENITO IS THE WORST AMONG THE WORST. how could you explain many people now saying martial rule of marcos was the golden years of the phil.?? it is benito who is the reason why marcos jr. is now the man to beat in the vice presidentilal race

    • correction on the typo error in my comment below: i said ‘we elected a nobody, NO NOTHING…’ SHOULD BE we electee a nobody, KNOW nothing…’

    • ano ba, marcos na naman? 30 years na siyang wala until now siya pa rin ang may kasalanan. mas mabuti ang buhay noon marcos time. nagkawendang wendang lang naman ng aquino na ang nakaupo. kasi they are landlord. the aquinos do not now the feeling of being poor kaya they are manhid. they treat us as their helpers.

  12. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    08 April 2016

    Let’s get one thing straight: It is not a disgruntled Manila Times columnist Yen Makabenta who is hurling these murderous “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” at Filipinos for ranking near the bottom in terms not only of the quality of life, but also of the quality of death, in the whole world!

    He is merely quoting the results of a study which got published in The Economist, one of the best news magazines in the world.

    There are those Filipinos, however, who have reason to disagree personally with these unsavory findings about the Philippines–and they are the hundreds of wealthy Filipinos–led by Henry Sy, Senator JV Ejercito and Imee Marcos–who were exposed the other day as tax evaders or tax cheats by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in a Report called “The Panama Papers.”


    • The Filipinos should be careful believing investigative reports especially if they target the political opposition to Pnoy during elections. Who was that writer who said that the “Filipinos are the most gullible people on earth”?