SEVENTEEN drivers lined up on the grid at the first leg of the 2014 Yokohama Philippine Grand Touring Car Championship that was held on June 1 at the Batangas Racing Circuit, promoter Racewell Marketing said. It added the competitors were divided into four classes based on horsepower, with two cars racing in GT 300, four in GT 200, nine in GT 150, and two in GT 100.

    GT 300 driver Dondon Portugal was the early pace-setter when he qualified on pole with his Mitsubishi Evolution. Behind him were a pack of GT 200 cars led by Carlos Anton, Paolo Mantolino and William Tan. Following them were a mix of GT 150 and GT 100 cars, Racewell said.

    The morning’s sprint race was action-packed, according to Racewell. After 10 laps, Anton was able to cross the line in first with Mantolino coming in second and Joey Pery in third. Portugal cruised to the finish line to take the win in GT 300 and fourth overall.

    In GT 150, Richmon de la Rosa won, followed by Bong Perez and Joel Portugal. Edwin Rodriguez took the top place in the GT 100 class while Arvin Drueco crossed the line after him.

    The afternoon’s 17-lap GT Race saw Dondon Portugal taking the checkered flag first overall and in GT 300 with a comfortable lead. Jomari Yllana placed second in the class. Mantolino won in GT 200 and second overall while Pery finished second in the class.

    Portugal clinched first place in GT 150. He was followed by Ed Anguluan and Raymond Ronquillo. Rodriguez ruled GT 100.

    The second leg of the 2014 Philippine Grand Touring Car Championship will be held on July 26 and 27 at the Batangas Racing Circuit. The races are sanctioned by Automobile Association Phils.


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