PH internet speed is improving – report


Average download speeds for both fixed and mobile broadband in the Philippines has continued to improve based on the latest Speedtest Global Index Report.

For fixed-line broadband, the average speed clocked in at 13.29 megabits per second (Mbps) last August from 8.54 Mbps a year earlier, the report noted, while the average for mobile broadband improved to 10.47 Mbps from 7.7Mbps.

“With average download speeds of 13.39 Mbps and 10.47 Mbps for fixed broadband and mobile broadband, respectively, business executives who use instant messaging frequently, send e-mail correspondences, browse web pages and send and receive digital photos can expect split-second download and transmission of data,” the report stated.

At such speeds, a one hour and 40-minute movie can downloaded in 10 minute and a two- to three-minute song can be copied from one computer to another online in three seconds, it said.

The Speedtest Global Index Report collects data from Speedtest users who use this system to check Internet speed.

The improvements can be attributed to the government’s clamor for telecom companies to improve on the speed of data services, the report said.

“Internet speed and availability are also expected to improve further with the implementation of the National Broadband Plan, recently launched by the Department of Information and Communications Technology,” it added.


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