PH is now call center capital of the world


Business processing outsource (BPO) company Transcom Philippines recently declared the Philippines as the “Call Center Capital of the World.”

In a press briefing, Transcom Country Manager Siva Subramaniam said the Philippines has overtaken India as the top destination hub for call center companies.

According to a statement from the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India, the Philippines has a good supply of workers to fill job vacancies in call center companies.

The group, as well as the IT-Business Processing Association of the Philippines through Genny Marcial, external affairs executive director, said that Filipinos have “excellent communication skills and possess a good command of English that draw very good BPO investments.”

Subramaniam said that the added factor to the recognition is that the Philippines has training facilities, good support from the government and efforts to improve infrastructure programs to “better provide investors with viable reasons to do business in the country and expand whenever necessary.”

According to Marcial, the Philippines is now the No.1 in the world when it comes to providing voice services, which make up most of the BPO industry.

However, she said that although the Philippines is No.1 in the voice sector, the top provider of technical support is still India because labor is cheaper there.

But Transcom remains optimistic that with the country being the new call center capital of the world, Filipino workers will continue to be hardworking and globally competitive.

Last year, the Philippines had a total of 777,000 additional entrants into the BPO industry, making it one of the top employers in the country.


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  1. Reynaldo De Guzman on

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  2. Pete Gabriel on

    This is very good for the Philippine economy. With continued support from the government and ensuring that this Filipino politician don’t screw this one up by passing too many laws and regulations to strangle this industry, it should continue to flourish. In time we should be providing first tier technical support. Good job Philippines.

    • Benjamin Tan on

      You are right, I grew up in the Philippines, WhenI was in Grade school, We were told that the Philippines is the Coconut Capital of the World and I also know for a fact that South east Asians comr to Los Banios to Study Agriculture and Fisheries. Now I am in America and have to buy Coconut Juice from Thailand and/or Vietnam and if I want some fish, I could hardly find any from the Philippines not even Bangus, What the hell happened????

    • I will tell you what happened…. A couple of thai and other international students from AIM in Makati, make a thesis out of Filipino products including business development and packaging. When they come home, they build a business out of it. Some years laters, we saw their products in our store and around the world. Who is to blame, the government and people like us who prefers to migrate and leave all these stupid idiot pinoys back home.

    • The Phil has evolved into what it is today. Our population increased to almost 100M. We are still exporting coconut but focused on virgin coco oil which is more exensive than buko juice.Our economy is becoming more stable. If only we can fully harness our estimated 4,000 billion metric tons of explored gold deposits, we can be a very rich country with well off Filipinos.We will be there. Just think positively about our country and thats a good contribution.

    • Mr. Tan,

      I believe you are looking at the wrong Grocery places, Just
      ask some of your Kabayans, I’m sure they will be more than happy to tell you where to buy bangus and coconut juice. Goodluck?