PH could lose more foreign aid, analyst warns


THE Philippines is in danger of losing assistance from foreign countries and even a downgraded credit rating if President Rodrigo Duterte insists on imposing conditions on a United Nations special rapporteur seeking a probe on extrajudicial killings linked to the drug war, an analyst warned on Sunday.

Ramon Casiple of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform said the refusal of the President to reconsider his decision to impose conditions on UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard was not helping the administration project a good image.

Duterte wants to challenge Callamard in a public debate on whatever her findings would be, while Callamard wants a private debriefing if she is allowed to visit the country in early 2017.

Casiple said the Philippines was not in a position to set conditions because the office of the UN rapporteur is based on a UN treaty.

“If the administration thinks that the UN will back out because of the conditions, they are mistaken because the rapporteur can still come up with a report even without coming here,” Casiple said in an interview.

The Philippines will be at a disadvantageous position as the government will not be able to air its side, he said.

The Philippine government has set three conditions before allowing Callamard to investigate: a public presentation in the Philippines of the findings of the special rapporteur, an opportunity for the President to publicly ask questions and present additional information or clarifications in the presence of the special rapporteur and the media, and that Callamard take an oath.

Callamard has rejected the conditions, noting that these were against the code of conduct and terms of reference for country visits.

“It would appear that the Philippines is not open to talk about the issue on the alleged extrajudicial killings and it will not look good for the country,” Casiple said.

How Marcos, Arroyo treated UN probes

Casiple recalled that former president Ferdinand Marcos blocked a UN fact-finding investigation in the Philippines after the assassination of former senator Benigno Aquino Jr. in 1983.

As a result, some foreign aid was cut and the credit rating of the Philippines was downgraded, he said. These can happen again if Duterte insists on his conditions, Casiple said.

The deferment by the Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC) of a new multi-year development aid package for the Philippines, Casiple said, could be followed by other countries.

Casiple also noted that former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo allowed a UN special rapporteur to conduct an investigation on summary killings in the country and while the report was negative, the Philippines was given a chance to answer and clarify some matters. No sanctions were given.

“The danger here is that if other nations with strong positions on human rights would see the behavior of the Philippine government toward the UN special rapporteur, it would be a serious problem for the country,” Casiple said.

What aid?

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto 3rd belittled the MCC aid as he questioned the motive behind the deferment of the assistance.

In a separate interview, Sotto said the amount given by the MCC to the country in previous years seemed to not have made a dent on poverty.

The country received a total of $434 million in MCC funding from 2010 to 2016.

“How much did they give us last year? Did it help the country get rich? Did it help feed our poor countrymen? Where did the aid go?” Sotto asked.


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  1. Jaime Dela Cruz on

    “It would appear that the Philippines is not open to talk about the issue on the alleged extrajudicial killings and it will not look good for the country,” Casiple said.

    Really? What could be more open than a public disocurse with the media open. What is Callamrd tryong to hide? the truth? And why would a supposedly “honest” UN rapporteur not want to take an oath? Is she perhaps scared to perjure herself? We would lose grants you say, well, all the good the grant will do us. All the grants and donations we received from foreign countries never really helped us, the people. All it ever did is to enrich the corrupt officials who were in-charge of the funding. I say, good that we lose it. It’s about time that the corrupt officials experience how it is to work for your daily bread. Don’t relent mr. president. Duterte must watch in Netflix “THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF UNITED STATES” I’d like to see him really rant and rage.

  2. Come on Mr. Casiple. Noon ka pa ganyan – all against for our country the Philippines. Tumanda ka na, na ganyan ang attitude mo katulad ng matatandang NDF. Give us the next generation a CHANCE. Di puro para inyo lang ang advantage. Di ba puede sa panahon na ito ay depensahan mo kung alin ang makabubuti para sa amin na mga Pilipinong umaasang NGAYON na ang pagkakataong may mangyaring PAGBABAGO para sa kabutihan ng maralitang Pilipino?

  3. Foreign aid to the proud Philippines should be withheld until the government corruption. Besides, the Filipinos are too proud to receive foreign aid anyway per Duterte’s insane pronouncements.

  4. Who the hell is this mendicant Ramon Casiple? We are a sovereign nation and only the Filipinos know what is good for the Filipinos. The UN is a useless organization forcing its will on those countries who do not play their ball game. And you Mr. Casiple are a stooge. Duterte has my support.

    • I agree with you somewhat, but if Filipinos know what is best for their fellow Filipino they would stop burning their rubbish and littering their waterways.

  5. ask the daan matuwid party. Where the aid went. Also ask them what happened to the yolanda funds.

  6. foreign aid is only another source of money for a corrupt administration/official. just how many foreign aids were given the country since and still accomplish nothing (or very little) to achieve the goal/objective of the aid given? it is not a farfetched idea that included in the aid are other strings/conditions attached on the release of the monies in form of commissions or facilitation fees. aid monies are insulated from COA audit reach…

    those begging/crying and apologetic about aid monies tend to lose their cash cow.

  7. “How much did they give us last year? Did it help the country get rich? Did it help feed our poor countrymen? Where did the aid go?” Sotto asked.

    That’s a good question Sotto.

    Maybe it disappeared into congressional pockets like the pork barrel fund. As a matter of fact Sotto himself was named by Napoles as a pork barrel thief. Good thing Aquino and De Lima protected the liberal party and allies from charges or Sotto would be sitting in jail.

    Senator Vicente Sotto III
    Agent: Jennifer “Jen” Corpuz

    Napoles then detailed 7 amounts totaling P225 million channeled through the NLDC from 2010 to 2012. “In all these transactions, the sole person I talked to was Jeniffer (sic) Corpuz.”

    “At one point, she asked me for a Hyundai Starex that she said will be given on the birthday of Senator Sotto’s wife.” Sotto is married to actress Helen Gamboa.

    She said in all transactions, Corpuz asked for 40% for Sotto, and 10% for herself.

    Ya Sotto where did the money go ?