A race-engineered exhaust system designed to maximize engine output is now available in the country with the hi-power Drift Xhaust. Locally designed and manufactured, the Drift Xaust features state-of-the-art volume controlled exhaust system for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated applications.

“With our experience in drag and circuit racing, we have incorporated this new competition inspired offset muffler and piping design into a variety of street applications, which offers a greater flow and higher-rpm power gains due to the less restrictive design,” said GM Bugayong of KDM.Ph, distributor of Drift Xaust.

The Drift Xaust with volume control system was developed for a variety of applications including Japanese, American, European and Korean high performance sports cars and compact cars.

Drift Xaust systems are made from SUS304 stainless steel with muffler tips available in 96 millimeters, 115 mm and 120 mm in diameter and piping diameters ranging from 55 mm to 95 mm. The system is easy to install and use. With just a push of a button, the sound of the exhaust can be tuned to the minimum, which is useful when passing through schools, villages or churches or when you want to have a meaningful conversation inside the car.

“This is achieved by eliminating unnecessary bends for the straightest exhaust path. For turbocharged applications, the large and smooth exhaust flow allows greater exhaust velocity for better mid-range boost response and high-rpm power. Naturally aspirated vehicles also benefit from greater exhaust flow capacity as engine tuning levels increase,” Bugayong explained.

Drift Xaust is available at the I Love KDM.Ph shop at the Valley Fair Town Center, Ortigas Avenue Extension, Taytay, Rizal.


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