PH may join Russia in ‘new world order’


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said he would join Russia and China in establishing a “new world order,” hitting the United Nations anew for failing to prevent wars.

    OFF TO PERU President Rodrigo Duterte delivers a speech prior to his departure for the APEC summit in Peru, at the Davao airport on Thursday. Duterte threatened to do a Russia and pull the Philippines out of the International Criminal Court, incensed at foreign criticism of alleged extrajudicial killings in his deadly drug war. AFP PHOTO BY MANMAN DEJETO

    OFF TO PERU President Rodrigo Duterte delivers a speech prior to his departure for the APEC summit in Peru, at the Davao airport on Thursday. Duterte threatened to do a Russia and pull the Philippines out of the International Criminal Court, incensed at foreign criticism of alleged extrajudicial killings in his deadly drug war. AFP PHOTO BY MANMAN DEJETO

    Duterte made the declaration before leaving for a major gathering of world leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Lima, Peru, where he will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

    Not yet done with his tirades against the UN for criticizing his bloody campaign on illegal drugs, Duterte threatened to follow Russia in withdrawing from the 1998 Rome Statute that established the International Criminal Court (ICC), whose chief prosecutor had warned the President against encouraging summary killings.

    Speaking in his hometown of Davao City, Duterte said: “They (Russians) may have thought the International Criminal Court is [useless], so they withdrew their membership.”

    “I might follow. Why? Because these shameless bullies only picked on small countries like us,” he said.
    The Philippines is among 124 countries that are members of the UN-backed ICC, the world’s only permanent war crimes court.

    Duterte also repeated an earlier threat to pull the Philippines out of the UN, saying the world body had failed to stop wars that had killed “thousands” of women and children.

    “You know if China and Russia would decide to create a new order, I will be the first to join,” he said.

    Moscow withdrew from the Rome Statute on Wednesday, unhappy with the ICC’s investigation into Russia’s brief 2008 war with neighboring Georgia. The ICC is also conducting a preliminary investigation of alleged crimes committed in Ukraine during street protests in late 2013 as well as events after February 2014 including the annexation of Crimea and the downing of the MH17 flight over eastern Ukraine.

    The US, which is also accused of war crimes in Afghanistan, withdrew from the ICC in 2002.

    Last month ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said she was “deeply concerned” about thousands of alleged extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, warning that those responsible could face prosecution.

    More than 4,000 people have been killed since Duterte took office on June 30. About 1,800 were shot dead by police and about 2,600 others were murdered by unidentified attackers, according to official statistics.

    Duterte has challenged Ban and international human rights experts to visit the country and investigate the allegations, while insisting his government has done nothing illegal.

    On Thursday, ahead of the APEC summit in Lima, Duterte warned his international counterparts, including US President Barack Obama, not to lecture him on human rights.

    “They will really get it from me, and I will lecture them on the finer points of civilization,” he said.

    “You threaten us as if we are your laborers and threaten to have me jailed. Me, go to jail? You children of whores I will take you all down with me,” he said.

    Duterte recalled his confrontation with Obama and Ban at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in Laos in September, during which the US leader cancelled a bilateral meeting with him.

    Duterte said his critics did not realize the “hugeness of the problem” of illegal drugs, which, he pointed out, had left four million Filipinos hooked.

    “They refused to listen so I said, ‘You sons of whores, screw you!’”


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    1. Let him do his job and support him. We can support him by doing a change in our life that will help our country. Look at the headline on today’s news. Philippines economy is growing very well. Hmmm… there is something wrong with you people with negative mind set. You are far better than anyone but yet how is your life?

      • Better look again, the economy is on a decline. Investors are pulling money from the Philippines. The government is borrowing money for infrastructure projects that may help years from now but at the moment the peso is losing ground monthly.

    2. Ignacio Balbutin on

      Criticisms will always be there even you do good. So as the President of the country, the President should be able to accept and handle criticisms and not attack those who criticize. We need friends and most of all investors from all over the world. Only children cannot handle criticisms but a matured man will only laugh at it and answer the criticsms intelligently

    3. What you sow’ you reap. It came from the word of the Almighty God. People thinked that they can get away killing people but lo and behold’ the coming reckoning is at hand. I have seen people killing people, military officers taking advantage of wives whose husbands arebreaking their neck to support their family here not knowing that one colonel is stealing their wives away. You guys will pay. The wives too will pay because they let them çome in. To Duterte, your time will come. As you always say’ in the fullness of God”s time, yours is already over flowing. You can not even imagine what hell is”

    4. Ha ha ha, he says the UN has failed to prevent wars? Well, that is because his new pals in Russia like to invade nearby countries and start wars with them. Investigation also showed that it was a Russian missile-launcher that shot down the innocent MH17 airliner and all those vacationing civiliians. Plus Russia is causing a lot of civilian deaths and suffering by continuing to bomb so freely in Syria. New World Order? With the Russians who do not respect international law and do as they please?

      • Your point is well taken. I am reminded of one philosopher who said those who forget (to learn from) history tend to repeat it. Duterte should know better.

    5. Sounds like he lost any sense he used to have. One person is going to degrade the reputation of all Filipino’s .

    6. If only we follow Christ’s “golden rule”:

      Matthew 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye
      even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

      Perhaps we live in a “Ala Paradise world”.” And not only that, “are there still need for…” it’s up for us to enumerate.

    7. Digong is still Digong
      Unable to transform
      Himself from a Davao mayor
      To a president of a nation
      His mouth runs south
      Absurd pronouncements he spouts
      He runs the government solo
      His cabinet, where are you?
      Digong will soon lose his “kulto”
      If he does not change
      The people will want in a platter his “ulo”
      For his voters were blinded
      By the promises he blurted
      His followers now regret
      Voting for this goon indeed
      All Duterte knows is “putang-ina mo”
      If you don’t agree with me I’ll shoot you
      The poor Philippines yet again
      Continue to suffer for who you have chosen
      Look around you, Filipino voter
      You continue to chose some actor
      The corrupt, the comedians and the boxer
      When will you ever learn
      To pave the way for your children
      Stop, look and listen
      The neighbors around you had arisen
      From the ashes of war and destruction
      Economic independence they have won
      Through their hard work and determination
      The have chosen wisely
      Their leaders delivered
      Will you soon chose someone
      Who has the brains more than the gun
      Yes, that’s what you need
      I hope you will soon heed
      The change you badly needed is from within
      I wish you all the best, my Filipino friend

    8. DU30 should realized that to solve a problem confronting the country, you don’t have to create enemies.
      Simply do what is best for the country, formulate a policy that will serve as a template for your cabinet member and quietly work towards its achievements. You don’t have to burn bridges, only idiots does that…