• PH mission studies India’s best practices


    The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently sent a Philippine delegation to India to learn from that country’s best practices in rubber production that could be applicable to the Philippine rubber industry.

    Natural rubber is one of the industries being assiduously promoted for development by the Philippine government to realize its full potential.

    “In 2011, India’s productivity was at 1,806 kilograms per hectare, in contrast to the Philippines average of a measly 800 kilograms per hectare per year, registering the lowest among the world’s major natural rubber producing nations”, said DTI-9 director Sitti Amina Jain, DTI’s National Coordinator on the Rubber Industry Cluster.

    “India was the logical choice mainly because of its natural rubber productivity per hectare being the highest in the world, surpassing even that of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia,” Jain disclosed.


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