PH needs a leader now


It has been said before and it is a thought worth repeating. Today, the Philippines is in crisis, the gravest crisis it has ever faced since World War II.

Central Visayas is in shambles, and hundreds of thousands of victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda are crying for help. They need that help now.

Yolanda struck Friday of last week. That was six days ago. It is fair to say that some help has been extended to some victims, but so many others have been left to fend for themselves. These next few hours will be critical for a great number who have little or no food or water. Or shelter. Or clean, dry clothes.

We do not know what the real death toll is, but the number could grow exponentially if the survivors who are currently ill or starving are not attended to. Now.

In these dark hours, the country needs a leader. A true leader who can take charge and dictate to the government bureaucracy and the private sector and the individual victims of Yolanda what must be done immediately.

For better or for worse, that leader must be Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino 3rd, president of the republic. There is no one else. He may not shirk the responsibility, nor pass it on to any of his underlings.

Aquino, and only Aquino, must lead the country out of this crisis. Unless, of course, he is ready to raise the flag of surrender, admit he cannot handle the crisis, and resign as president. If he feels that the present vice president is better equipped to take the reins of government at this critical juncture, then so be it.

So much needs to be done and it has taken foreign eyes and mouths to tell the national government that not enough is being accomplished for the survivors.

Countless dead remain unburied and their decaying bodies have the potential for spreading disease. At the very least, the stench their cadavers emit makes rescue and recovery work unbearable.

Then there are the seriously injured or ill. If they do not receive medical assistance soonest, they will wither and die, and become part of the statistics that is already too painful to bear.

There are also the hundreds of thousands who have nothing, literally nothing. No homes (as these were blown away), no food (as what food they had was lost during the storm), and nothing but the clothes on their back (as all their clothes were likewise hopelessly damaged by Yolanda).

A great many of these victims will be forced to commit the most heinous acts imaginable in order to feed themselves and their families, in order to survive another day. They will rob, they will pillage, they will kill. Unless an acknowledged leader tells them to stop, and assures them that the situation is not as hopeless as it seems and that help is on the way.

Then that leader must deliver on his promises.

Before Yolanda came, the Aquino presidency was being defined by the steady, impressive growth of the economy, and the president’s strong anti-corruption stance.

Not anymore.

It has become increasingly clear that the Aquino presidency will be defined for posterity by how it acted in the hours and days that followed Super Typhoon Yolanda. It is the 11the hour and President Aquino has been found wanting, so far. There is, however, still time to lead the entire country out of this dark crisis. Not much, to be sure, but there is still a little time.

The eyes of the Filipino people, indeed the eyes of the world, are focused on Noynoy Aquino.

Lead, Mr. Aquino. Lead.


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  1. this is our own fault as a stupid voters, like vote buying, voting celebrities to office, cultural corruption, lack of discipline, lack of honesty, bahala na system, pwede na iyan, and lazyness. You cannot blame Pnoy, actually he did better than other presidents like GMA, FVR, ERAP, etc. as far as the economy grew, more transparency, he started universal healthcare and some small forms of welfare for the poor. He is not perfect plus most of the crooks are the congressmen, senators, mayors, and some of his cabinet.

    The main problem in this disasters is our lack of logistics, the money intended for this were stolen by us. we need more choppers, midium lift choppers like chinooks, more C-130s, more earth moving equipments, put up storage for these equipments like body bags, food cans, tents, medicines, more planning for disaster operations from barangay level to the executive level. there are enough relief goods and supplies now pouring but we cannot distribute them efficiently due to lack of aircrafts. and why not use other closer major cities like Cagayan de Oro and Davao and Cebu for relief packaging, staging area and temporary relocating victims instead of Manila as Manila is already over crowded. Common sense is missing in many of us. lastly here we go, we get what we vote for, we vote for incompetents and crooks and let them get away with it then this is what we get, more suffering.

  2. An observation from an Australian with a family in Tacloban. Pnoy’s mouth starts to operate well before his brain is awake. Even as he started to blame others it was obvious from this long distance that he was wrong. Maybe he did not have access to the pictures and videos that I was watching back here in Australia? I know that any local/provincial government cannot operate normallyafter that level of destruction, so why did he not get it?

    Aside from the fact that he was painfully wrong, it does nothing for the dignity of the high office of President to play petty politics while the dead lie unburied in the streets. He should remember that those poor souls have family and friends who will grieve for them. They don’t care who is to blame, they just need leadership out of this horror. Leadership that a man with no moral compass cannot provide.

    They need help. Help that someone without a clear plan cannot provide. To quote Mayor Duturte after visiting Tacloban “God must have been somewhere else”. President Aquino was also somewhere else, and has remained in that distant place.

    It is easy to think that he cares little for the Visayas. Thanks to their courage and strength (and some prayers and luck) my family survived, but their continued survival over the past week cannot be attributed to any help from the national government.

    I also hope that he steps up, earns the respect that is due the office of President, and leads the people out of this mess. The rest of the world is watching Mr President. Very, very closely.

  3. James Gutierrez on

    Appalling leader. If you’ve seen the CNN interview he was avoiding the question. And without the foreign press bringing the news to the world, foreign government were reluctant to provide aid, as it think that the aid will not be received by the victims of the calamity. I can tell you since, the initial assistance the Australian government announced was around $390,000.00. It only increased it’s aid when extensive media coverage was on TV and showed the extent of the damaged done.
    The people are suffering and i cannot see from the Aquino leadership the initiative to get the relief goods moving as quick as possible. If the Aquino leadership cannot handle it, and require more heavy equipment, then it should communicate that to the suffering people and request the international community for assistance, rather than do nothing at all. It can be said the Aquino administration will go down in history as a failure, measuring it from the typhoon as well as the earthquake response and left it’s people to die.

  4. Sheilah O'Connor on

    We are so sad to see what the people of the Tacloban area are enduring. Please know you are in our thoughts as we look for ways to help. From a friend in the U.S.

  5. The first thing a strong just President should do is make a law that strongly convicts Authorities that steal the aid meant for the people. Foriegn Goverments Filiponos living over seas are very very worried that corrupt officials will take most of the aid sent. The President should put an end to the miss use of the Peoples money. An arguement could be made that if the people weren’t stripped of their money by inconciderateorrupt officials (Pork Barrelling) they would have had a better infrastucture to shelter from the storms.

  6. rememember what he said when he was first offered to run for president? and do you remember how many times he repeated his answer? and you want this quitter to lead???? i’d say a boy scout, or maybe even a cub scout has more cojones and brains!

  7. That is true. Lead Noynoy Aquino or leave the palace. You are not doing enough for your affected bosses (masang Pilipino) in those areas affected by typhoon Yolanda. How can you that to your people? Be ashamed of yourself.

  8. Maybe he is seeking to be elevated, endorse for more power from the co-equal branches of the government to take the necessary action-possible? How about the Sin-net/Tong-grease?? Are they exempted to assist and help hand-in-hand with the rest of the three branches of the government? Are they cooled blooded to react in time s like this? OR are they just after of the PDAF/DAF? It’s a challenge!!! Where are you hiding this time crocks?

  9. iNDEED! Benigno Aquino, Jr. must be PRESIDENT! His declaration of national calamity should muster all the resources of the people, including, and never excluding for political reasons, VP Binay and his group whose charisma for action would prove timely and relevant in these chaotic times. Less words, more ACTIONS, Mr. President!

  10. King PNoy have been wanting of leadership traits even when he was a legislator. Apparently, he does not have any kind of leadership training considering that his election from Congressman, Senator, then President was handed him in a silver platter, being only son of Ninoy and Cory. No experience, no clue and this is the reason why there is failure of leadership. Perhaps, one of the formulas PNoy knows and embraced to get his way as being a “leader” is to bribe the legislators and government officials. Noting more.

  11. it feels so sad that the government did not not reacted on this asap as in asap…so sad to see fellow Pinoys esp. those who are victims of this monster typhoon yolanda suffering at the moment….prayers and sympathy to the victims…

    Phil. government why are you so slow in responding? pero pag kurakot ang bilis nyo lalo na ang mga corrupt officials…God bless Philippines!..