PH probes diplomat in Canada ‘nanny trafficking’


The government is investigating a Filipina diplomat charged in Canada for alleged human trafficking involving the exploitation of her nanny.

“The [foreign affairs]department takes very seriously any allegations of misconduct of its
employees. The department is conducting an inquiry into the matter,” Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesman Charles Jose said in a statement on Saturday.

He said Buenaflor Cruz was formerly assigned to the Philippine embassy in Ottawa but had since been reassigned to the home office in Manila “as part of the department’s normal rotation.”

Canadian federal police said they laid charges on Friday against the Filipina diplomat and her husband, Robert Cruz, for mischief, uttering threats, withholding their former nanny’s identification documents and human trafficking.

It said the suspects had left the country while the 26-year-old nanny, who worked at the couple’s Ottawa home between July 2009 and December 2013 but was not identified, had been “relocated to a safe location” in Canada.

Jose said the Philippine government was cooperating fully with the Ottawa police “to the extent defined by international law.”

However, he criticized the Canadian police’s decision to publicly disclose details of the case.

“The announcement may be a matter deemed of public interest regarding the day-to-day activities of the police service, but [Manila] is concerned that such action may not be totally helpful to the inquiry at this time,” he said.

The Royal Canadian Mounted police described the wife and husband as Philippine diplomats, but the Philippine statement referred only to one female former staff member of its Ottawa mission.

Jose did not reply to requests for additional details and comments on the husband and the nanny.



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  1. The reason they disclosed it is because they have the evidence to prove it & whereas the philippines if they can will sweep it under the carpet the canadians wont. Let the canadians investigate it & guive you the results of their investigations as they are more adept at investigating things than you are. They are more trustworthy than the filipinos who might investigate it, the canadians cant be bought off, many filipinos can.

  2. I think the Department of Foreign Affairs have to conduct audit periodically and check what their diplomats have on their households and are doing. This is a serious charge and the DFA should act swiftly not just in Canada but all other countries where PH has embassies and consulates. It is very embarassing to say the least.

  3. daniel marahomsar on

    asus, eto naman ang ating gobyerno..sabi na namang ” not helpful to the inquiry”..
    RCMP ay di lang basta-basta nagpapalabas kasi maingat din sila di tulad nang ating mga kapulisan na gusto lagi nasa media…