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    1. 4 yrs ago nobody LISTENED, CARED and UNDERSTOOD my vision. I’m glad that our Government finally realize what I have been suggesting before.

      Maybe it’s purely a show to collect more donation from EU and I highly doubt they will/can execute what they said due to INACTION or LACK OF PREPARATION and STUPIDITY of our government handling of past disasters. Speech made by Dinky Soliman and Napoleon Nazareno basically taken or copied (PLAGARISM) from my presentation material w/out giving me any credit.

      To avoid PANIC, LOOTING & CHAOS – it is necessary to convey messages or instructions BEFORE, DURING & AFTER any disaster. It is also vital to receive/transmit informations & news in the community in times of crisis. And to warn occupants of impending danger. Hence. The following items are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:

      1. PA/GA system – Public Address / General Alarm allows emergency page or announcement via any speaker-equipped street lights.

      2. ALARM or SIREN – warning device incase of Flooding, storm Surge, Tidal Wave, Fire, Earthquakes, etc.

      3. SATELLITE PHONE (w/c cannot be damage by any Typhoon) enables local officials (mayors/governors) to communicate with our National Government.

      4. RADIO BASE STATION w/c cannot be damage by any Typhoon) enables Barangay officials with mayors/government and amongst themselves.