PH ready to accept war refugees


The Philippines is willing to accept war refugees, most of them from conflict-torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Charles Jose, Foreign Affairs spokesman, said that the Philippines, as a signatory to the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, is committed to extend a hand to war refugees.

“We have commitments and we will abide by those commitments but under the UN framework. It would be a multilateral undertaking,” he said in a press briefing.

The Philippines once opened its doors to Vietnamese and Russian refugees, and had even offered to help the Rohingya people, a minority group in Myanmar who were politically persecuted.

The refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East has cracked open European governments’ inaction in extending humanitarian help during the crisis.

The United Nations says half of the refugees have fled Syria, where anti-government protests that erupted in March 2011 have spiraled into a complex civil war that has killed more than 240,000 people.

The crisis has brought to light deep-seated views on race, religion and even humanitarian aid as some European nations shunned the refugees while others like Germany and United Kingdom welcomed to take in 20,000 of the refugees over the course of five years.

But it won’t be that easy for these refugees to reach the Philippines, Jose said, adding the problem should “be addressed at its source.”

“The international community should help the countries where these refugees are coming,” the official said.

As the desperate plight of migrants touches hearts around the world, Britain, France and even South American countries have pledged to accept tens of thousands of refugees crossing the EU’s frontiers almost every day.

Venezuela said it would accept 20,000—the same number that Britain has promised to take over five years—while Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff declared migrants would be welcomed there with “open arms”, and Chile’s leader Michelle Bachelet said it “was working to take a large number”.

Canada’s Quebec province also said it will take 3,650 this year.

Germany, Europe’s top eco¬nomy, has said it can take some 500,000 refugees annually for a few years, with Chancellor Angela Merkel saying the influx would result in profound change in the country.

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  1. edgar orven mortel on

    all for show. nothing had been heard about the rohingya refugees this administration had offered to accommodate last may.

    E, wala namang bangka ng mga Rohingya na napaparito e! Maski Muslim yang mga Ronhgingya at gustong magpunta sa Mindanao, napakalayo nila. Baka ang gusto mo naman ay magpadala si Aquino ng bapor sa pinanggagalingan nila?

  2. This is a real gungho mentality here, and for whatever purposes intended by this government to declare that Philippines is open to accept war refugees from war torn Syria, is nothing but a big pile of hogwash.

    Why? Well, first Syrian war refugees are aiming to get into countries in Europe that offers them better benefits, in terms of social care, like free hospitalization and allowances, which Philippines can never offer off the bat. Then, Philippines with its’ current unemployment standing at 10.5 million, is not an attractive option for these refugees – so who in their right frame of mind would go to a country that is barely able to sustain their own economy?

    Let, America and the rest of the rich European countries, take in these refugees, they created this mess about causing a civil war in Syria, in order to get their interest of replacing that country’s leader – it is time for them to deal with this global crisis, which they started in the first place.

  3. OK lang tumanggap ng refugees basta kada 1000 tatanggapin papalitan natin ng 5000 corrupt government official ng pilipinas para dun sila sa Syria mangurakot at ipadala sa Pinas ang perang makukulimbat nila kay Assad.

  4. mga mayayaman na bansa ayaw eh pinas pa kaya na maraming mahihirap, at nkakahiya din pag mapapakain ung mga refugee…dati un si quezon pa un presidente di pa mahirap ang pinas at kunti pa un population, ngayon hndi pa? kaya hwag nyo na gayahin si quezon sa kanya na un credit sa ginawa nya at siya lang original nun, gaya gaya