• PH rejects China sharing offer


    MALACAÑANG on Sunday bluntly rejected an offer by China to “share” the facilities it is building in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) as it welcomed reports that the G7 summit is poised to issue a statement expressing concern about unilateral efforts to assert sovereignty claims in the disputed sea.

    Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said any bilateral talks between the two countries would not be easy in light of the Philippines’ staunch position in favor of a more binding Code of Conduct among various claimants.

    In an interview over state-run Radyo ng Bayan, Coloma noted that while they welcome the statement of Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua that Beijing is against any military solution to the dispute and is open to the possibility of holding bilateral talks to defuse tensions, the other claimants from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) should not be left out.

    “Regarding the [resumption of]bilateral talks and ‘willing to share the facilities it is building in the [West Philippine Sea],’ the statement of the President (Benigno Aquino 3rd) is different, that we must respect the Declaration of the Code of Conduct between China and the Asean itself,” the official said in Filipino.

    Coloma was reacting to Zhao’s statement on Friday that Beijing’s door remains open for bilateral talks with Manila even if the Philippine government decided to resolve the case through international arbitration.

    He was not the first Philippine official who expressed cynicism on the “sharing” offer.

    In a text message to The Manila Times, Assistant Secretary Charles Jose, spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, said, “That offer was made only to deflect international criticism of China’s reclamation work.”

    “China’s words and actions do not match. They drive away our fishermen from Scarborough Shoal even when they try to go there to seek shelter during inclement weather,” Jose added.

    In a meeting with a group of Filipino journalists, Zhao said Beijing wants the Philippines “to return to the negotiating table.” He added that China has no preconditions to the resumption of talks, not even dropping of the arbitration case Manila has lodged with the UN tribunal in The Hague that China does not recognize anyway.

    But Coloma argued that the sea dispute is not only between Manila and Beijing and that the Chinese government itself had signed the Declaration of Conduct that it must obey and respect.

    “It was done in 2002 and based on that, [the signatories]must flesh out a legally binding Code of Conduct because the issues do not involve only two countries. There are many others, usually more than two in each disputed territory, features or maritime entitlements in the [West Philippine Sea],” he explained.

    “It is not that simple,” Coloma pointed out.

    He, however, expressed elation over Zhao’s remarks that they would not seek any military solution to the territorial dispute, and for citing the 40-year diplomatic relations between Beijing and Manila as remaining “peaceful, friendly and cooperative.”

    “Of course we are happy with those statements and we agree to the proposition that there should be no military solution [to the problem]. We also agree that the relations between China and the Philippines remain peaceful, friendly and cooperative,” the Palace official said.

    He noted that the President had made his position clear with Chinese Premier Hu Jintao when he visited China in 2011.

    “He [Aquino] declared that the issue on the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea is not the end-all and be-all of Philippines-China relations,” according to Coloma.

    On the possibility of holding bilateral talks, the official said the positions of the two countries may not meet because the Philippines adheres to “Asean centrality,” which involves many nations.

    G7 concern
    Also on Sunday, the Philippines welcomed reports that a G7 summit will express concern about the maritime dispute in the South China Sea.

    Regional alarm is growing at moves by China aggressively staking its claim to most of the sea, including a large-scale island-building program.

    The United States has urged China and other countries to halt reclamations there.

    Coloma said Manila had been seeking more global attention on the issue after Aquino raised it in his numerous overseas visits.

    John Kirton, director of think-tank the G7 Research Group, has said the maritime row between China and its neighbors will be on the agenda of the summit starting Sunday in Germany.

    Japan’s Yomiuri newspaper on Saturday said the summit would take up the issue.

    Citing sources, the paper disclosed that a closing statement would express concern about unilateral attempts to change the status quo in the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

    It said no country would be named.

    The Group of Seven links the leaders of Germany, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Japan and the United States.

    When asked about the reports, Coloma said “having talks on achieving a peaceful and orderly settlement of the issue in the… South China Sea corresponds with the position taken by our country”.

    “The position of these many countries is that they understand the value of the freedom of aviation and the freedom of navigation and the orderly process of trade and global commerce,” he told reporters.

    Aquino last week likened present-day China to Nazi Germany in a speech in Japan, hinting the world cannot continue to appease Beijing over its South China Sea claims.

    The waters are also partially claimed by the Philippines as well as Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

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    1. Braincleaner on

      When Aquino started arresting Chinese fishing boats at the instigation of the US, China countered by massive reclamation and started driving away our own fishermen in the disputed waters. The US and Aquino administration can only cry like a child.

      The Chinese went on reclamation and building structures despite the US making noise about helping the Philippines. Angered by the US interference and challenge, China told the US point blank this is none of your business and to back-off. They instead offered the Philippines bilateral talks minus the US to settle the disputes. The BS Aquino III instead of talking and negotiating rejected the Chinese offer, as if their alternative actions would save the remaining islands we lost and will continue to loose.

      In the meantime, the biggest power in the world which is the US, unable to scare China and acting like the cry baby BS Aquino III is now desperately dragging other countries in Europe to support their quarrels with China.

      China is hardening its position as shown by its intensified reclamation and determination to assert its sovereignty by driving away the US and the BS Aquino III government forces in the area. Now BS Aquino III at the US dictation would refuse any negotiation to escalate the dispute by destroying whatever is left in our diplomatic relations with China. While people see no light at the end of the tunnel except conflict, defeat, and further loss of territory.

      Meanwhile, the US has earned billions of dollars of arms sales across the Asian region by hyping the anti-China bogey. While leveraging more trade, investments, and more loans from China. The Philippines has gained nothing except Filipinos and Chinese anger on both sides of the conflict.

      If there is anything this government had achieved so far in this issue is diverting people’s attention from major treasonous acts contained in the BBL, further surrender of national sovereignty and patrimony to foreigners through Cha-Cha, and through the same Cha Cha, attempt to rule perpetually, and constitutionalize political dynasties.

      It has diverted us from the issue of BS Aquino III’s plunder through PDAF, DAP, corporate plunder of major cronies, the diversionary Zamboanga siege, Mamasapano SAF44, mismanagement, looting, and pressing domestic issues that remains the major concerns of the people.

    2. eltee mulawin on

      Chinese said that ..their against any military solution to the dispute and is open to the possibility of holding bilateral talks to defuse tensions…

      >>> Whoever believe on this statement from Chinese officials, does not know the traditional, habitual attitude and characters of Chinese. They’re having snake-like tongue. They always spoken with 2 meaning of words. if they said “NO”, that means maybe or Yes, if they said “YES” that is NO.


    3. P.Akialamiro on

      I believe that Sen. Poe’s disqualifications are more on the mode how she renounced her U.S. Citizenship and the number of years of residency in the country before she runs for VP or President, based on her allegation on her application for candidacy for senator.

      It is my understanding that in renouncing U.S. Citizenship, subject should file a written notice to the State Department and accepted. Then, she should have completed the ten-year residency after completing the requirments to reacquire the lost U.S. Citizenship. (She has to reacquire it since dual citizenship was not yet avaiolable when she became a U.S. Citizenship.In other words, she lost her Filipino Citizenship completely when she became a U.S. Citizen).

      On the fact that she was a foundling, she has the benefit of the doubt that she was naturally-born Filipino. Anyone opposing this presumption has the burden of proof as otherwise.

      Therefore, Ms. Poe is disqualified to run for VP or President, at best. At worst, she can be criminally liable for perjury in her application for senator.

      Any other better qualified or best qualified candidate for a choice?

    4. Gianni Pansensoy on

      Thu, 05/28/2015 – 00:43 — Gianni_Pansensoy

      In the middle of the turquoise water of the WEST PHILIPPINES SEA, from the first assault of the scented breeze till the fucshia rays of the setting sun above the SPRATLY ISLANDS , resides the insatiable greed of China’s appetite for destruction, devastating the peace and stability in the region due to the Chinese aggressive stance by bullying the peace loving countries, exploiting the military weakness of the other claimant countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam. The other mess that China is deliberately creating is the irrational activities of grabbing lands and reefs as well as plundering the resources above and beneath them, harassing the civilian fleets that pass though their stolen islands, preventing the poor Filipino Fishermen to fish in the Scarborough shoal , these provoke armed confrontation, waking up the sleeping patriotism within the hearts of the happy going Filipinos and eventually will lead the world into a nuclear war towards human annihilation. The most irresponsible action from China which has an ecological impact is the destruction of the marine bio-diversity in the Spratly Chains of Islands through the destructive reclamation of the atolls and reefs for military purposes, over-fishing to feed her huge population, illegal poaching of sharks for the unproven belief that sharks’ fins possess aphrodisiac qualities. Yet these Illegal and plundering activities are continuously done by China right before the eyes of the Filipinos and the Citizens around the world . I hope someday you will join us to halt Chinese perpetual devastation of the atolls and reefs which serve as the sanctuary of the diverse marine life forms and hopefully will drive the Chinese away from the Spratly Chains of Islands to restore peace and harmonious relationship among individuals and the harmony between nature and men.

    5. Hire the best of our lawyer in our country and sent to the United Nations or international court to contest chinese government regarding our territory which was already taken by these yellow race people.

    6. Regan Labanta on

      Why would they share something that is not theirs? China will choke. It takes more than it could chew.

    7. mel amarillo on

      I’ll say it again. Sabi ng Tsikwa siopaoman “Akwin loto siopao inyo kitsen haa? O mosalap di ba? Kain na.” And the response was a bored yawn. Sabi nya loto lang ng siopao sa West Philippine sea pero bakit mi dalang tanke’t kanyon?

    8. rey quijada on

      How about a VFA between China and the Philippines but the facilities China built in Philippine territory should be turned over first to the Philippines and territories of the Philippines should be recognized first in accordance to existing international agreements particularly those signed by China and the Philippines.

    9. Pete Gabriel on

      Beware of Greeks bearing gifts! This jerks will always use trickery, deception, cheating and all other means, and always will talk in a position of strength. No to sharing.

    10. Very nice move. I applaud your gov’t s actions
      If they had accepted, it would have been akin to shaking hands with the devil
      China never has nor will ever be sincere about sharing Anything.It is not the Communist way.

    11. Amado Aguila on

      China claims they are against military solutions, yet all their constuctions are designed for military purposes: airstrip, bunkers, and everything else where they can position their big guns.. They want us to wait until they finish their great wall of sand, perimeter defense, point their missiles toward us. They may never have to use their military, the’ll just tax us for the use of the airspace and the sea. So if they want to build structures in our property, it should not stop us from using our own territories for target practice using our drones. If we don’t have one, buy,lease or borrow. The rest of the world realize China can not be allowed to finish their recalamation projects. But the Philippines have to take the lead. And yes, it can.

    12. Quote”John Kirton, director of think-tank the G7 Research Group, has said maritime disputes between China and its neighbours would be on the agenda of the summit starting Sunday in Germany.”Unquote.It is good that Europe G7 started to awaken from their hibernation and see the real danger of the West Phil. Sea lined up with Chinese built island fortresses along our part of West Phil. Sea of the present South China Sea. We hope G7 will raise up their claim of international free maritime navigation as their naval and commercial vessels passes the once international waters abutting the South China Sea and West Phil. Sea? Not unless China hegemony is stop one way or another, the West Phil. Sea will come a time to be a Chinese lake and protected by Chinese ADIZ? We enjoin Europe G7 to help the Phil. strengthen its air and naval assets that will be used for patrolling our side of the West Phil. Sea not unless later on the Europe G7 will contribute air and naval assets to a naval coalition force that will enforce freedom of navigation on West Phil. Sea?