PH, Russia break ice on military cooperation


RUSSIAN officials have briefed the Philippine Embassy in Moscow on different aspects of possible Philippine-Russia military cooperation, including the acquisition of Russian military equipment and technology.

The briefing was spearheaded by the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC), a federal agency directly under the Office of the President of the Russian Federation and is responsible for control and oversight of military-technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

“We welcomed the briefing, which was quite revealing, particularly as to the extent that Russia is able to interact with a large number of countries in this field and the different mechanisms that are employed, including in terms of the acquisition and transfer of Russian military equipment,” Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos Sorreta was quoted as saying in a statement from the Philippine Embassy.

“This is all part of our job to explore opportunities that could contribute to our government’s efforts to modernize our defense capabilities,” he added.

Aside from discussing military equipment and technology that were available from Russia, also taken up during the briefing were the issues of training, after-sales service and maintenance, transfer of technology, investment in domestic military production and servicing, and different modes of financing.

President Rodrigo Duterte earlier disclosed that Russia, as well as China, have agreed to give the Philippines a 25-year soft loan to buy military equipment.

The military deal will allow Russia to finally have a foothold in the Philippines arms market.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, about 75 percent of Philippine weapons have come from America since the 1950s.

Duterte had hinted of his desire to end the Philippine reliance on US weaponry.

Russia sells military equipment and military-related equipment to a host of nations, from highly developed countries like the United States to developing nations like India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Pentagon announced earlier this year that the US will buy up to 18 more Russian-built RD-180 engines to power rockets carrying US military satellites into space over the next six years.


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  1. It will be a great day when my country (USA) pulls out of the Philippines. I reside in Guam and currently the U.S. is rejecting 100% of all Filipino H2 Workers visa applications. It is about time that that the U.S. let the Philippines go on it’s own. If it gets better there then great if it don’t well then they only have themselves to blame. I also bet that the U.S. will kick out all H2 Workers out of the U.S. and it’s territory’s and that the Filipino dual citizenship in the U.S. will be cancelled which I totally agree with on that issue. I like the Philippines and the Filipino people they are very hardworking people. Since It only takes my about 3 hours and 45 minutes to fly there, I visit the Philippines on a regular basis and it has not changed that much from when I was a U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant stationed at Subic Naval Base in Olongapo City from 1985-1988. A few more malls, stores, hospitals, roads, and a little bit more buying power at the malls for the average Filipino citizen. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer and the traffic jams just got worse. Good Luck P.I. I hope that China and Russian thing works out….. LOL………….What amazes me is that some of you think that the U.S. is so bad. If that is true why do people from the 3rd. world countries want to come here. Even the majority of your television celebrities in the Philippines have visas to the U.S.. Look at Martin he is originally from Hawaii………Oh well what will be will be……………….Have A Nice Day!!!!

    • You’re a marine? I doubt that. that’s one stupid comment for a marine.( Have you participated in any joint drills with your Philippine counterparts like Balikatan exercises or the likes? ).The U.S. visa? my ass! You think we drool for that P.O.S. visa? From your comment you sound more like 16 having his first snort with meth. Don’t plan anything about going back here, you could be a juicy target for the Abu Sayyaf. back here, they do decapitate hostages.

  2. GEm The Russian lost the afghan war as the western powers were giving aid to the Afghan rebels in terms of weaponry , training and logistics… its the same way that Vietnam was lost by the Americans as they Vietcong and NVA were supported by communist countries like Russia and China during the Cold war.. Its not about military superiority but of tactics and strategy and support from countries sympathetic to the cause of the nation of concern that resulted in loss or victory to the either side.

  3. its about time we buy from russians. since the US is neglecting us only giving refurbished eqiupment and weapons. plus its not totally free. Plus Russia accepts barter trade. most of their defense products are half the price lower than US and NATO yet superior in quality and battle tested.

  4. Its a long overdue, Ph citizens should know that world is not only aping what’s new in the US and the Western World dictate that the yellow media feeding us, day in, day out. China has been with us much longer than US. Russia, formerly USSR, has been and until now is a Super Power before the US became one.

    • Yeah right.. natalo talaga sila.. paano naman supportado ng US ang Taliban Forces.. at hindi yan simpleng giyera lang.. Mujahideen mga yan armed with Stinger Missle from the US.