PH, Russia set July air talks


Six years since the last air talks between Russia and the Philippines, the two governments will meet again on July 22 to July 23 to update their air service agreement, a top official of the Civil Aerounatics Board (CAB) said.

“We did air talks with them six years ago,” CAB Executive Director Carmelo Arcilla said in a text message. “We will modernize the air service agreement and we hope to be able to negotiate overflight [privileges].”

“But Russia is not a signatory to the International Air Services Transit Agreement (IASTA). So this country charges overflight fees. Overflight fees have to be negotiated with the Russian government and we hope to be able to settle this matter,” he said.

“It’s a protocol under ICAO, which allows overflights of airlines over its territory. Of course, subject to navigation fees, which are very minimal.”

“We hope to have capacity also. While Russia is encountering difficulties, it’s still a very strong maker and people are traveling. It’s a very lucrative market,” Arcilla added.


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