PH shares seen stuck in sideways trend


Philippine shares are expected to further swing up and down this week as investors may continue to hunt for foreign leads given the absence of local drivers.

Astro del Castillo, First Grade Finance Inc. managing director, said that the local market will continue to move sideways while investors look for foreign leads.

“Investors will continue to borrow influences from overseas, particularly how Europe and US markets react to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s speech on the Fed’s 100th anniversary on Wednesday,” Jun Calaycay, Accord Capital Equities Corp. analyst, said.

Jonathan Ravelas, chief market strategist of BDO Unibank Inc., agreed that investors may indeed remain on the sidelines as they await news that may give clearer indications with regard to the Fed’s decision on its Quantitative Easing.

“Chartwise, expect the index to range between the 6,200 and 6,600 levels in the week ahead. A break above the key resistance level of 6,750 may call the bulls back to play,” Ravelas added.

Calaycay, however, said that the market may be expected to further build a base as it consolidates between 6,380 and 6,550.

For his part, del Castillo said that he “won’t be surprised if there is profit-taking from 6,200 to 6,500.”

“Again, it [stock market]will continue to feel the pulse of investors and global fund managers,” he added.

Moreover, Calaycay noted that value turnover should begin to pick up as investors take positions on selected issues ahead of the second quarter or first-half earnings season.

“This is consistent with underlying technical value indicators suggesting activity has begun to shift from an almost discriminate selling to a consolidation with a developing accumulative bias,” Calaycay explained.

“Except for stochastic showing, the index may have entered into overbought territory last week, all other parameters offer an optimistic picture, complementing the fundamental outlook,” he added.

In the previous week, the benchmark stock index moved sideways, closing at 6,500.48, up by 0.5 percent from 6,465.28.


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