PH should also focus on ships, aircraft


An official of the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands (CCPI) said that the country, being an archipelago, should focus on the development of communication, aircraft and ships.

Jose Luis Yulo, president of the CCPI, told The Manila Times that since manufacturing is one of the administration’s target, the country should focus on the specialization of communications, aircrafts and ships—in manufacturing, software and design—to “bridge the islands of the Philippines.”

“We have to go back to manufacturing, and creating wealth,” he said.

At present, the Philippines is producing miniature components such as micro chips, memory cards and other micro parts essential for use in gadgets. But Yulo said that a big part of manufacturing “comes from China” and that the country “must premier in its production.”

“First is communications, to connect the islands—both the hardware and the software.

Telephones, cell phones and others, we should be experts in the technology,” Yulo added.

According to him, the country also has local brands of mobile phones—MyPhone and Torque, among others—that should be given attention.

Yulo further said that the country should develop its expertise in building and designing aircrafts and ships, even for short distances.

“Again, to connect your islands. Small crafts will do, even for short distances. If the country would do that, then we should be number one in all of them,” Yulo said.

He said that the idea came to him when he spoke to his Korean friend, on what could he possibly do to improve the country’s lot if he was the president of the Philippines.

The Philippines has been at the top in providing services and manpower all over the world, but the government is pushing for the development of its manufacturing sector and infrastructure.

Judicial system blamed
Yulo also noted that the Philippines’ pace of development is “slow” because of its judicial system, noting that cases in the Philippines can remain pending for 20 years.

He explained that “judges can make decisions and stop business transaction” or even stop the executive department “from doing something good.”

The CCPI official added that “frequent change of officials in the government” and the “indecisiveness on where we should be number one” also slow down the growth of the country.

“That is why our development is like a roller coaster. [We should have] continuity of the vision. Even if we change leaders, project and goals started should be continued,” Yulo said.

Kristyn Nika M. Lazo


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