PH should offer more KPO jobs


DESPITE the Philippines being one of the leading providers of business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the world, it still ranks behind India because of the lack of higher value talent offered in the country, an Indian real estate analyst said.

Jones Lang Lasalle India chief operating officer Ramesh Nair told reporters that the Philippines should be able to offer more higher-value jobs aside from just BPO voice services.

Asked what the Philippines needs to be more competitive, he said, “I think it’s more of the KPOs [knowledge process outsourcing]. It’s more of the knowledge process modes, technical talent from the BPO side– higher value jobs.”

Based on Tholons’ 100 Top Outsourcing Destinations in 2015, Manila ranked number two, just below India’s Bangalore.

Nair cited Mckinsey & Co., a worldwide management consulting firm, as an example of the KPO work that the Indian outsourcing industry caters to.

“For example, the Mckinsey’s knowledge group is in India, in Delhi. A lot of Mckinsey’s knowledge work around the world is done in India,” Nair said.

He also mentioned that the Indian outsourcing market also caters to banking firms where the best management graduates in India are hired.

In a recent interview, KMC Mag Group managing director Michael McCullough said there was  a need for the Philippines to invest in educating  the  workforce  in  higher  skill  sets  and  not just voice  services.

“We need schools to be teaching higher skill sets, not just voice services. We need to be doing big data analytics, we need to be doing more accounting. We really need more of the financial services,” said McCullough.

He stressed that the current Filipino workforce is providing services that are more on the voice service side, which is why the country is not luring in enough KPO locators.

“They [KPO locators] need to find the employees with the talent and that’s not what we’re churning out,” McCullough said.

“We’re churning out people that speak English well, great customer service. But we need a different type of education to do analytic and strategic thinking on financial data sets,” McCullough said.


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