• PH sustainable products certified by US materials firm


    TWO Philippine-made eco-sustainable products have been recognized by the world’s leading materials sourcing consultancy firm for their design innovations, the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Center for International Trade Exhibitions and Missions (CITEM) said in a statement.

    NatureCast and NuCast, two products of Cebu-based Nature’s Legacy and Floreia were named “among the world’s most innovative and eco-sustainable materials” by the New York-based consultancy firm Materials ConneXion, which sources environmentally-friendly and ethically produced materials for global manufacturers.

    Material ConneXion adds new materials to its catalog of products on a monthly basis after reviewing them according to specific criteria, according to the company. NuCast and NatureCast scored well in sustainability and material features, being produced from recycled paper and agro-forest debris, and used as materials for home, fashion, lifestyle, and architectural applications.

    “Having tow of our products included among the world’s most innovative materials is an affirmation of our company’s commitment towards excellence, ethical standards, and environmental sustainability,” said Pete Delantar, President and CEO of Nature’s Legacy Eximport Inc.

    “NuCast, for example, is made of recycled paper using a water-based, odorless binder and environment-friendly processes, which include the use of energy-efficient equipment and waste management practices,” he added.

    “With Cebu artisans’ skills, NuCast can either be laminated or used as-is for a wide range of applications,” Delantar said, including eco-jewelry, garden accessories, furniture, architectural artwork, and as a substrate for fabric and other non-metallic materials.

    CITEM said that Nature’s Legacy is “one of the more active participants” in the Philippines’ overseas trade fair and exhibition appearances, and was showcased at CITEM’s Manila FAME exhibition held in October.
    “CITEM takes pride in the global achievements of Philippine MSMEs such as this recent one by Nature’s Legacy and Floreia,” CITEM Executive Director Rosvi C. Gaetos said.

    “Through targeted exposure, promotion, and participation by our local exporters in international trade events, we hope to fortify the Philippines’ position as a reliable source of high-quality products and sustainable materials not only for the Home, Lifestyle, and Fashion sectors, but also for their many allied industries,” Gaetos added.


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