• PH to buy weapons from China, Russia


    President Duterte

    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte said the Philippines is considering buying military equipment from China and Russia, vowing to modernize the Armed Forces to improve its capability to address insurgency and terrorism.

    Duterte signalled a desire for less dependence on military assistance from the United States before Philippine Air Force personnel at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City on Tuesday evening, disclosing that possible deals with Russia and China were “in the pipeline” and that “offers are coming in.”

    Duterte said he had directed Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana to join technical staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in visits to Russia and China to “see what is best.”

    “I am committed to your modernization and you will get it,” the President said. “The offers are coming in and I hope I would not disappoint anybody there.”

    The President said Russia and China had offered the Philippines soft loans for the purchase of military equipment.

    He did not say when the offers were made but Duterte met with Chinese and Russian officials last week in Laos during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summits.

    “Two countries have agreed to give me the softest loan. It will be payable in 2025,” Duterte said.

    The President said he told the two countries he preferred equipment that could be used to fight insurgency and terrorism, particularly in Mindanao.

    “I told them I want weaponries and armaments, I don’t need jets, the F-16s, that’s of no use to us. We don’t intend to fight any country using that,” Duterte said.

    The Philippines has traditionally leaned on the United States, its long-time treaty ally, and other Western countries for its security needs.

    The US had offered F-16 jets to the Philippines, and had provided two warships, Alcaraz and Del Pilar.
    But Duterte said he would rather have “propeller-driven planes” as well as “short-run bombers.”

    In his speech, he said he would only allow the “government-to-government” purchase of equipment and deals, with “no strings attached.”

    The country has no defense agreements with Russia and China. The latter is in the middle of a maritime dispute with the Philippines over the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

    No more joint patrols
    Amid the sea dispute, the President announced that the Philippines will no longer join expeditions and patrols with the US and other countries to avoid getting into conflict with other nations.

    “We will not join any expedition of patrolling the seas. I will not allow it because I do not want my country to be involved in a hostile act,” he said.

    “The point is I do not want to ride gung-ho style there with China or with America… We do not go into a patrol or join any other army from now because I do not want trouble,” Duterte added.

    Duterte admitted this could be misconstrued as cutting military alliances with other countries, but the President said he was merely pursuing a more “independent posture, an independent foreign policy.”

    “I am not anti-American. I said, we are not severing our ties, military ties … Who am I to abrogate a treaty?” he said.

    Deep impact
    Reacting to Duterte’s statements, former Philippine ambassador to the US Jose Cuisia warned that the President’s tirades could have a “deep impact if it continues in the next few years.”

    Cuisia also said equipment from other nations such as Russia and China should be compatible with US equipment.

    “If Duterte wants to buy military equipment from China and Russia, he should think about interoperability with US equipment,” Cuisia said.

    “We should keep in mind that the US has been a valuable partner of the Philippines. They provided us cutter [ships], radio equipment to allow better monitoring in the West Philippine Sea. We also have many [workers]in the US,” he added.

    Cuisia disagreed with Duterte that joint maritime patrols are a hostile act. “Many countries do joint patrols,” he said.

    The former ambassador also criticized Duterte for calling for the removal of US Special Forces in Mindanao, claiming these troops help the AFP in its intensified operations against the Abu Sayyaf terror and kidnapping group.

    “You have to keep in mind that it’s these US troops who help the military go after the Abu Sayyaf,” Cuisia said.


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    1. Duterte knows what he’s doing. He is unlike some politicians of these days who easily turn into puppets esp when money is involved, look at dilemna, trillanes, drilon, and that’s just some of them. What are they doing with this so-called “ejk investigation” ? Delaying tactics to get away from their crimes to the country? Drug protectors and all that. Trillanes has brought this useless liar of a witness just like what he did during the campaign period of trying to smear duterte’s name by claiming duterte has millions in deposit at bpi.
      Duterte,There is no fear in him to do what he perceives is best for his countrymen. He has some qualities same with that of Putin who has a great mind, excellent strategist. Yes, there are ongoing issues with that of China and maybe Russia, but if all of us open their eyes to what’s really going on, US has done wayyyyy damage to the rest of the world than these two have even with that of drugs. ISIS/ IS is created by america specifically their CIA dept. who trains these terrorists. and they’re spreading worldwide terrorism with thousands of collateral damage- Libya, Yemen, Irag, Syria you name it. Who bombed the twin towers in NY? What countries are in arms with the US? The oil-rich countries Saudi, Qatar, etc. Has China and Russia have same principles with that of america? Maybe US was alright before that’s why some filipinos went there, but if we are really paying attention, soon you’ll realize america is falling to her knees, thank their leaders who led them to their planned demise- years in the making, and now it’s approaching fruition.

    2. I see nothing wrong with procuring Russian arms! AK-type weapons (with their legendarily sturdy, low-maintenance traits) would suit the Filipino conditions far better than the overrated piece of junk called the M16! There’s a reason why during the Vietnam War US soldiers dumped their useless (their words) M16s in favour of an AK47 they would pick up from a dead Viet Cong/NVA fighter if given the chance!

      We Filipinos should grow up and stop being good little brown brothers to the Americans! What has that tactic done for the Philippines? NOTHING! And it certainly won’t gain us any respect internationally! The most respected countries in Southeast Asia are the ones who weren’t afraid to ruffle feathers even with the West, so it’s time we become more selfish and unapologetic with our national interest for a change!

    3. The ANAL-YZERS has spoken…CHI-PU brand is coming to RP and CIA-USA is sounding the alarm bells. The SAM is in panic button mode. The tiny pygmies (as SAM referred to Filipinos) has awaken to the realities of today. You SAM of an itch….your sovereign Funds are mostly purchased by the Chinese gov’t and SINO related hedge funds. Part of your sovereignity is already compromised and SAM shows posturing of a great ANTI-COMMUNIST. The caveat of fear is in the heart of SAM. Go The BRAVE ONE DU30..show the world pygmies can GROWL.

    4. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      15 September 2016

      Neither Americans nor Filipinos are stupid–and I do not think that Der Fuhrer Roidrigo Duterte is THAT stupid to assume that.

      So, the growing consensus should or must be that Duterte is now starting to turn its back on a true, reliable and long-time ally, the United States, and is now beginning to cozy up to China and Russia.

      The context is that soon after he got elected President May 9, Chinese President Xi Jinping praised him lavishly as a “great President.”

      Not to be outdone, Duterte responded by also praising Xi as a “great President.”

      In contrast, he has since savaged Phillip Goldberg, US ambassador to the Philippines as a “bakla” [gay] and as an “SOB.”. As if that were not the terrible diplomatic faux pas that it was, he went on to lambaste President Barack Obbama as a “son of a bitch!”

      It is more than abundantly clear, at this juncture, that Duterte is making a 180-degree turn in foreign relations: Now he says he will buy weapons from China and Russia, weapons which the Philippines needs in its Defense Modernization Program. Obviously, he is deliberately spiting the United States. He goes on to say that the Philippines will not engage in joint patrols with any nation in the South China Sea. Expect him later on to probably declare that the Philippines will go with China in joint patrols in the SCS.

      If that happens, who is to say that Duterte may not–on the urgings of China–actually sever all relations with the United States?


    5. Galit pa ang makulay na pangulong Digong kay Obama sa pagkakansela ng pulong nila kaya putak siya ng putak. Papalayasin niya ang mga US Special Forces sa Mindanaw; sa Tsina at Russia na siya bibili ng armas. Di lalo niyang pinaparusahan ang sariling bansa. Sa armas, mas matibay at epiktibo ang gawang US kaysa sa Russia at Tsina (Tignan na lang sa kasaysayan: ilang ulit na pinulbos ng Israel ang mga missiles, tangke at aeroplano ng Ehipto at Syria na gawa ng Russia? mahigit 3 at di pa sila nananalo sa Israel hanggang ngayon). Sabi Digong QUALITY ng armas ang kailangan at hindi presyo, ano ba yan?

      • Ang bobo mo po, ang gamit na rifle ng Israel ay galil. Copy ng ak 47 na mnodify lang ng kunti. May quality quality ka pa nalalaman.

    6. The US is very good at hiding their true intentions by pretending they are our alliance but the truth of the matter is Philippines is just being used to serve their agenda coz of our strategic position in the international waters. If some people are not aware of the US govt’s real colors then that’s a shame because then they can blindly manipulate some who are ignorant of US agendas which most of the time are hidden. Paid main stream media don’t cover these for people to know the truth unless you also read from independent news. Come on people, wake up. Don’t let us judge Pres. Duterte so fast. Let us be discerning and learn facts first esp international news because that’s where the major news are happening and same strategies are just being used in countries like ours to have their selfish agendas happen because people tend to gullible at times esp when you are not armed with the truth/real facts.

    7. The best way to please China is not to buy weapons from them. Make China happy by abandoning all claims in disputed territories and junking all treaties and agreements with US. What a deal !

    8. Whats the big deal? Every country has to get weapons somehow, and the military has to be capable of doing its own business. Unlike the last few times we “acquired armaments”, at least this time we’re getting it with “no strings attached”. And for the record, we dont have to ally with China or the US – we only have to be on our side. Unless we are the kind of people who would abandon our country on the slightest hint of trouble.

      Also, if he had the slightest similarity with Saddam, criminals and traitors to the country would have been named then summarily executed. Not allowed to do business while the police does house calls on drug suspects.

      • ano iyan isang gamitan lang lalo tayong pagtatawanan ng mga abu sayaf, toy gun against real gon.mas maganda pa siguro iyong sundalo nating isyohan ng paltik kaysa made in china, akala siguro ni du30 ganoon ka gago ang china na magbibinta sila ng baril para pang laban sa mga chino

      • No strings attached? Really?!! So the ZTE is no string attached, I guess your one of those Intsik lovers who are blinded by money and does not care about your own people.

    9. Duterte should negotiate to buy all the weapons of China so that China cannot be a threat to us economically and physically.

    10. mabait na pinoy on

      PDU30 has step on his xx small dick once again by his plan to modernize the AFP by buying military equipment from China and Russia. The real truth is this; he was probably warned by the U.S. State Department to get his shit together or he is in danger losing economic and military aid from the U.S. because his war on drugs, engages in a consistent pattern of gross violation of internationally recognized human rights. Bottom line: PDU30 is trying to save face on what he have said in his previous speeches and he should start getting his act together, by personally giving speeches about his respect of human rights and about his policy in promoting the rule of law. His humility should be in proportion with his greatness.

    11. Wala Na nga inuwing Bacon(Pledges ng Foreign investment) galing Sa ASEAN Summit e utang agad ang na atupad. Babagsak talaga ang economy natin pag ganyan ang takbo. BibilI ng mga gamit pang insurgency Lamang at malapit Na maging communist country ang Pilipinas at ang mga AFP Soldiers ang mamundok Na. Dami pang mamamatay Sa atin Oras tumanggi tayo Sa communist govt. sabi nga Sa communist doctrine use terror in the hearts of your people so they will follow you. Yan pag patay Sa mga street drug users is a klassic example and first stage of becoming a communist country. More will die…… Patriotic Filipinos wake up!!!!

    12. Digong is really now ruffling the feathers of the little brown americans who had been through a lifetime of brainwashing such that they are completely blind about what had happened under their noses.
      1.) The Mutual Defense Treaty had turned our AFP into the world’s biggest arms museum if not the biggest scrap metal yard. The band aid solution during Pnoys time does not improve our chances a bet in fighting any external enemy.
      2.) If the Americans were even just 1/4 serious in ridding us of Jihadists,with the resources they have, we would not as humiliated as we are now with our neighbors and the BIFF and Abu Sayaff would have been wiped out along time ago.
      3.) In defense posture of the US we are in the outermost shell and it is their plan to confront any threat as far away as possible from their shores.That would mean that if there is confrontation we will be exposed to nuclear conflagration to make their citizens safe. Only imbeciles therefore ,like those above, who could not separate Philippine interest to that of the US could agree to such suicidal alliance…

      • let the philippine military use the same weapon that the abu sayatt and npa are using the famous ak 47 side arm the best in the world. this is the reason why the kurdish rebel are so successful in fighting against the isis rebel and turkey army.

    13. This is a fatal move of Pres. DU30. Remember, China did nothing good to our country, but made our country as their TRASH CAN. They brought drugs that caused our people drug addicts. According to Pres. Du30, there are 3 millions and seven hundred thousands drug addicts.They brought their toxic/poisonous products, that made our citizens ills.They brought Electronics and motor cycles with low quality and defective.


      Former Ambassador to the US Cuisia is right. This matter has to be carefully studied.There are pros and cons to the issue.

    15. Are we turning Communists now?

      Yesterday’s news said that Duterte wants all American soldiers in Mindanao out – following the DEMANDS OF THE CPP ( Communist Party of the Philippines). When has this happened that the government is following the demands of the Communists? Lecheng Yawa!!

      The American soldiers are only in the advising capacity – so how can they be in harms’ way?

      I am beginning to get angry with the policies of Duterte. Where is the due process of law here in the killing of drug suspects. ARE WE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY?

      Duterte seems to be a megalomaniac who cannot stand criticism. Watch out before you stew in your own oil.

    16. Me parece una opción buena y sensata. Está claro que Filipinas tiene poco que ganar y mucho que perder con una alianza con los EEUU.

    17. Why all of a sudden, Duterte became, pro communist. I’m with him on, war on drugs, but dealing with communist countries is a no no. What I see now the country is in trouble. Duterte’s real color is showing up. Its time to leave this country.

    18. DU30 is really a megalomania like the late Saddam Hussein. If he watched the life of Saddam he will know that Saddam actually tells his military advisers on how to run the military when he is not even a military man himself. DU30 will fail like Saddam Hussein, if he keeps on thinking that we don’t need planes to win a war with terrorist. When the army or marines are pinned down and backups are long way out, what do you do? You send in the Airforce, simple right, but DU30 does not know this, because he has hired a yes man around him just like Saddam Hussein did.
      What a big joke this guy is!!!

    19. He does not need jets? We will not go to war with any country? What a dumb thinking this stupid president we have. First of all how can he predict we will not go to war in future? What if malaysia attack sulu. Or tawi tawi or taipei attacks batanes? In near future. Is that the time we will buy jets or jetski. It will be too late or we will just surrender. All sovereign countries have jet fighters and they have them not for parade but for any surprise attacks or for interception in case of intrusion in air space. Even the poirest countries like bangladesh have jet fighters including ethiopia and somalia. These poorest countries are smarter than duterte.

      • @tony de leon……maybe he is just looking the cheapest way to maintain peace and order of his country. they are fighting an urban warfare scenario now that limit the use of air power. urban carpet bombing is going in syria for a couple of yeears a total failure with a tremendous collateral damage and death of innocent civillian who were use as rebel protective shield. those countries like bangladesh,somalia and ethopia are they wining and paying their own war? if so, maybe theycan only afford one jet each unless they have a sponsor like what is happening in syria that have become a surrogate war.