PH in Top 16 of Miss Universe pageant


Miss Philippines Rachel Peters is in the Top 16 of the Miss Universe pageant, according to a live feed of the annual beauty competition.

Below is the complete list:

1. Thailand
2. Sri Lanka
3. Ghana
4. South Africa
5. Spain
6. Ireland
7. Croatia
8. Great Britain
9. Colombia
10. USA
11. Brazil
12. Canada
13. Philippines(wild card)
14. Venezuela (wild card)
15. Jamaica(wild card)
16. China (wild card)

Peters is in the Top 16 as a “wild card”, along with Venezuela, Jamaica and China.

For the first time in the history of the Miss Universe competition, the candidates
failed to join the following candidates in the Top 4 from the Africa and Asia Pacific group: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ghana, South Africa.

For the first time in Miss Universe history, candidates in the Top 16 were grouped into four: The Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific, and the Wild card. KAROL JOSEF LUCENA



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