The Asian Development Bank (ADB) urged the government on Monday to meet the need for emerging sectors and industries in the country to be gender-sensitive as discrepancies still exist in the treatment of males and females in the workforce. At the launch of five publications on gender equality, the Manila-based multilateral pressed that the Philippines, along with Cambodia and Kazakhstan, needs to expand employment and decent work opportunities for women in different economic sectors. The emerging economic sectors include agriculture, industrial, manufacturing, and services sector, as well as in entrepreneurship, which all require “gender sensitive macroeconomic policies and national employment plans and strategies rather than gender neutral ones.” In one of its gender-sensitive employment reports, the ADB said that 31 percent of Filipino women of working age were not included in the labor force as of 2012, compared to 3 percent for men.


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  1. PH URGED ON GENDER-SENSITIVE LABOR POLICIES – we have so many laws on women. Why urged the Philippines, along with Cambodia and Kazakhstan? Why include again the Philippines. Too much accord to women”s rights at the work place is tantamount to discrimination on their part. Please check all the laws on women the Philippines has.