PH, US troops hold medical mission


The Philippine and United States militaries will conduct humanitarian assistance engagements starting today in line with the US Pacific Command (PACOM)-directed humanitarian assistance mission program.

The program, known as the Pacific Angel 2017 (PACANGEL 17), serves as the commander of the US PACOM’s humanitarian assistance and civil military operations mission.

The program will provide training for American and Filipino service members with the partnership of non-government organizations and other multilateral international participants. Together, they will provide medical, dental, optometrical and engineering assistance in the city of Bogo and San Remigio town in Northern Cebu.

Throughout the 10-day engagement, Filipino and American troops will partner with local schools and health clinics to repair infrastructure. They will increase interoperability by learning the best medical practices from one another, while giving back to the community as friends, partners, and allies.

The Philippines will serve as the first of the four humanitarian assistance engagements venues that will make up for PACANGEL 17.

The American mission program will also be held in different Asian countries including Tam Ky, Quang Nam Province in Vietnam; Northern and Western Divisions in Fiji; and Gorkha, Nepal.

PACANGEL 17 promotes regional humanitarian assistance and civil military operations interopability amongst the US military, US Agency for International Development, the host nation and multilateral military and civilian participants and non-government organizations based in the host country.

On its 10th year, the main goal for 2017 is to ensure that the “region’s militaries are prepared to work together to address humanitarian crises.”


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