PH will not surrender territory – Aquino


THE Philippines will not surrender a part of its territory in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) to China despite that country’s might, President Benigno Aquino 3rd said on Thursday, adding that he as President was never intimidated by the mainland’s awesome powers.


“Hindi pwedeng ang ‘laki niya, hindi ko pwedeng patulan ‘to.’ Obligasyon ko po bilang Pangulo na ‘yung ating teritoryo, ‘yung ating dapat isalin sa susunod na salinlahi ay nandiyan at tangan natin at kailangan ipaglaban ang karapatan maski na dehadong-dehado tayo sa labanang ito [We shouldn’t cower just because it’s big. It is my obligation to see to it that our territory, that, which should be turned over to the next generation, is there and we will have to fight for our rights even if the enemy is powerful],” Aquino said during a meeting with Liberal Party candidates and supporters in Caloocan City (Metro Manila) on Wednesday night.

The President made the remark in the face of China’s growing influence in the Spratlys in the South China Sea borne out of its unabated reclamation of isles and reefs being claimed by other countries.

“Paulit-ulit natin sinasabi hindi tayo naghahangad ng sobra sa dapat atin pero sana naman galangin naman ‘yung karapatan din natin tulad ng iba [We’ve said it time and again. We are not after what is not ours, so other countries should respect our rights],” he added.

While admitting that the Philippines is “no match” against the military strength of China, Aquino said he believes that the country will have the full backing of the international community, particularly the signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos).

Ironically, Beijing signed Unclos, the agreement that determines the maritime boundaries of every state.

The President said there is no need to engage China in an “arms race” because it will only be a futile exercise.

“Ginawa po natin ang nararapat. Pumunta tayo sa Asean para ipaalala na matagal na ang usapin na ‘to, na dapat umusad na ‘yung paggagawa ng Code of Conduct. Dinala natin ang usapan ayon sa batas na tinatawag na international law, dumulog tayo sa arbitration para malutas ang problemang ito [We did what was right. We reminded Asean that this problem has long been simmering and there should be a Code of Conduct. We brought the case to the international tribunal so that this problem will be resolved],” he explained.
Two years ago, the government filed a memorial with the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (Itlos) in The Hague, Netherlands.

The petition questioned the nine-dash line rule being imposed by China in asserting sovereignty over several shoals and reefs in the disputed body of water, including those that are well within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.


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  1. at least abnoy made the stand against the China Goliath, past president doesnt have the balls to do it.

    I dont think Binay will do that.Hindi kaya ng isip nya yun.

  2. Sabi ni Pnoy “? Will not surrender territory! Will just give them like what I did to our Scarborough Shoal?. Walang sense of Responsibility being the president of the Republic and the Commander in Chief of the AFP/PNP. Look what happened to our SAF 44, hinayang kinatay ng mga Friends nyang MILF. Inawardan pa ng P2.4B para sa 145 MILF Retirees sa unang decommissioning.

  3. hoy! dont be too stupid! wag kang marunong tanga ka at bubo ka nmn.. dont pretend to be what you r not. nakikita sa mga message mo na wala kang isio

    • hoy banong! dont be too stupid! wag kang marunong tanga ka at bubo ka nmn.. dont pretend to be what you r not. nakikita sa mga message mo na wala kang isip

  4. Every time abnoy and his abnormal clone Roxas open their mouths, everybody know that a tsunami of irate and sarcastic remarks will flood the blog sites. These two comic characters either do not know that the entire archipelago despises them or they are just too dumb and manhid Na to the bones they continue to peddle their illogical stand on a particular issue. Are their IQs just too shallow or it’s below the average line of normal thinking, or the sizes of their brains are comparable to the tiniest mosquito. Either way they are just so irrelevant right now that people are making fun of them and just firing away until they are driven out of the palace come may…. wow its just a month away and yet too far… hell here’s my contribution to the mêlée…bobo+bobo=2 bobos (with an S)…..

  5. Saan pancitan k b natutulog mr dishonorable president….tapos ng gumawa ng airstrip ang china sa isang island natin and tinataboy na parang batang paslit mga fishermen natin sa territory natin……puro ka nganga…..

    • ikw b may magagawa k b? kng mgsalita k prang kayang kaya mng lumaban s dami at lakas ng pwersa ng china. kaya nga dinaan s democratikong pamamaraan kc alm ng nkkrami na hndi ntin kaya ang china. mgisip k bok.. hindi puro salita!

    • Hindi mo pa nga sinubukan e Hindi kaya agad. Wala pa Ang labanan atras agad. Bakit ka matakot ipaglaban Ang sovereignty natin at nasa tama tayo. Sinabi na nga ng China na Hindi Nila ihonore Ang a resolution ng ICJ Laban sa kanila. Baka bukas makalawa Meron ng Chinese ADIZ sa Spratlys. Anong Gagawin magkamot ng bayag.

  6. unemployed bum on

    That is the way you do business, Mr. President!, our BIG brothers are on their way back here again, bringing BIG stick with them, enforcing the “Freedom of Navigation” in South China Sea. China knows wholeheartedly, that they cannot, will not, should not, engage militarily with our big brothers. They are also fully aware that impeding or stopping U.S. Navy Operations in South China Sea will not be a good bet, because they know as well, they may run out of luck. Now, let’s wait and see what’s next.

  7. Jacinto Baybay on

    Forget it, Abnoy. You surrendered already from day one that China occupied the Scarborough Shoal. You were undecisive and you were just scratching your balls.

    • gnyan ang mga pg-iisip ng mga wlng pinagaralan.. wag k mgmarunong pare… alm ng nkkrami ng tama ang decision ni pnoy n dalhin s international court.. cguro kng gyera ang nging decision ni pnoy dti e bka hndi k n nkpgcomment ngaun.. mgisip k pra sa nkkrami wag s sarili lng. kng balak m mgpakamatay wag k mndamay ng iba.

  8. Puro ka Lang salita at Kulang sa gawa. Tignan mo yung atin Scarborough Shoal at China na Ang naka puesto room dahil sa palpak mong back channel. Bumili ka man ng Fighter Jets e Anak ng kagao Hindi mo sinama Ang mga bala, Missiles etc at hayan pang AFP, PAF Day lamang. Dapat package deal! Common Sense Lang yan!

    • Abnormal ba Naman eh…. separate contract Yung Sa mega bala Dahl ibang commission yan…baka magulo Ng computation nila ….