• PH youth marine conservation camp visits Santa Cruz Island


    The Sea and Earth Advocates (SEA) Camp participants has traveled to Santa Cruz Island on May 25 to visit a community-run mangrove lagoon ecotourism project and snorkeled through a coral nursery unit to learn about the importance of coral reefs.

    SEA Camp is a partnership between Save Philippine Seas and US Embassy Manila that aims to empower Filipino youth aged 18 to 23 to play bigger roles in conservation. The 15 participants from Mindanao have been chosen from a competitive pool of applicants. They have undergone an intensive leadership and environmental education program packed with fun and educational activities, such as panel discussions, workshops, snorkeling, and site visits.

    SEA Camp is unique in that it gives the participants a hands-on view of the value of Philippine marine and land resources, and practical ideas on ways to preserve, protect and showcase them. Local involvement is critical to the preservation of these resources and the livelihoods they can sustain throughout the archipelago.


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