Phase-out of old trucks starts


The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has issued a resolution implementing a policy regarding the “Non-Confirmation Year” (NCY) provisions in decisions approving applications for truck-for-hire (TH) services.

Under the NCY policy, trucks that are 26 years old will only be allowed confirmation of franchise for a year, 21-25 years old for 2 years validity, 16-20 years for 3 years, 11-15 years for 4 years and 10 years or less for 5 years.

The board, in considering the importance of having enough trucks to deliver primary goods and merchandise in the country and in addressing motions for reconsideration filed by truck operators, allowed the affected TH operators to file a motion to allow confirmation.

Instead of imposing stricter fixed age-limit policy, it will allow confirmation and registration of trucks affected by the NCY policy, provided that the operator is able to cite justifiable reasons duly supported by documents.

“The board will not disrupt regular operations of TH services but we need to also ensure that units being offered for hire by operators are safe and roadworthy,” LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez said

In a meeting, TH services operators and truck associations leaders accepted the new provisions and agreed to comply with the LTFRB’s truck registration process.

“While we want to help the government find a viable solution to address port congestion, we also consider the plight of truck-for-hire operators, hence we decided to come up with the provisions on NCY policy,” Ginez said.

The board’s resolution further states that truck units with no year model indicated in their Certificates of Registration issued by the Land Transportation Office shall only be allowed confirmation provided a certification of year model duly issued by the LTO is submitted consistent with the provisions of the Joint Administrative Order 2014-002.

As part of the registration process, the LTFRB’s Information Systems and Management Division and Records Section will update the database indicating the year model of the authorized units.

LTFRB’s regional offices and legal division will only accept certificates of registration with the year model indicated in the database.


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  1. Phasing out of old trucks or other modes of transport should not be based on age but on how they are maintained to be safe and road worthy. How? by way of a comprehensive inspection through a Motor Vehicle Inspection System or MVIS. Any vehicle that cannot comply with the inspection, shall only then it should be phased out. Unfortunately, this is where the government again failed. Now, they want the MVIS to be a PPP initiative. But like other PPP projects, it has gotten nowhere, and it is just a plan, and nothing else.

  2. when will they start this on Jeepneys and Buses? and who will be the regulator? to be fair to truck drivers, they are not as dangerous and jeepney and bus drivers.