• 6th Business Forum – Philippine Infrastructure



    Earlier this year, the Duterte administration launched its legacy initiative, “A Golden Age of Infrastructure,” marked by a mantra to “Build Build Build.” The initiative is backed by a budget that could go up to P9 trillion, with the objective of creating jobs and unlocking growth across the archipelago.

    Based on the latest data from the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), 17 infrastructure projects worth P392.93 billion have been approved by the government for implementation. Twelve of these projects were inherited from previous administrations. Those approved by the present NEDA Board are just a handful, compared with what are currently being prepared for implementation in the next few years.

    Looking past the fanfare of its launch, how do the stakeholders view the Duterte government’s infrastructure plan and its implementation?

    How will this “Build, Build, Build” strategy impact the Philippines’ economic growth? How committed is the Duterte administration in seeing the projects through with minimal Public-Private Partnership participation? Will these big-ticket infrastructure projects solve the problems of traffic congestion, inadequate transport facilities, air pollution and the lack of healthy, green liveable community space in the urban centers across the country?

    The Manila Times continues its public discourse with the nation as it tackles the “Build Build Build” strategy of the Duterte administration at its 6th Business Forum on August 18 at the Marriott Hotel.












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