Philanderer suffers loss of sex organ


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Police is searching for a woman who went into hiding after castrating her philandering husband in Cagayan de Oro City, reports said.

It said the man woke up in their bedroom all bloodied and was shocked to see that a portion of his penis had been cut off by his wife.

Police did not say whether the missing part of the penis had been recovered or not, but the man was rushed to hospital.

He told police that they even had sex the previous night and could not believe his wife castrated him while he was asleep.

The man said his wife may have been hurt when he told her that she has a girlfriend.

It was not immediately known whether the couple has any child, but police said the man is likely to file charges against his wife, who went missing after slicing off his husband’s organ.

It was unknown whether the man would still be able to perform sex after the surgery.

Al Jacinto


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