• PhilCare makes it easier to consult doctors


    With its motto “Healthcare made smarter,” health maintenance company PhilhealthCare Inc. (PhilCare) now serves its clients with the help of artificial intelligence that generates a letter of authorization (LOA) online prior to doctor’s consultation through an app called “Hey Phil.”

    The app works using cognitive technology that recognizes voice command and type-written text of the user. It perceives how an individual would ordinarily communicate and it provides answers stored in its cloud system.

    PhilCare Chief Executive Officer Jaeger Tanco said the online app should be made available to make healthcare assistance easier to reach.

    Instead of employees taking a leave from their daily jobs just to get an LOA before proceeding to their doctors, they can instead tap Hey Phil, tell their health concerns, and let the app look for the nearest doctors. An LOA is then generated.

    In this way, clients save time and convenience is provided to them. In case a consultation leads to another consultation, patients can just take a picture of the doctor’s referral and upload it through the app.

    “We saw the needs of the clients,” Tanco said.

    Tanco also introduced PhilCare’s ER Vantage 40 priced at P1,050.

    The ER Vantage card covers P40,000 worth of emergency care and admission to more than 450 hospitals nationwide.

    “Only 4 percent of the population are insured,” Tanco said, citing a research called Wellness Index that PhilCare has conducted to be able to come up with services at a reasonable cost to Filipinos.

    “Fifty-four percent of Filipinos see themselves as healthy even if they are not,” he added.

    According to Tanco, PhilCare aims to provide quality and affordable healthcare to Filipinos, so as to relieve them from worry when an emergency comes.

    PhilCare products are available through its website shop.philcare.com.ph which Filipinos can access and purchase online.

    PhilCare was acquired by the Tancos back in 2009 from Philam Care, and is currently under parent company Maestro Holdings.


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