• PhilHealth extends dialysis cover


    THE Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) has expanded its coverage for hemodialysis.

    From 45 sessions per year, PhilHealth has extended the cover to 90.
    PhilHealth president and chief executive officer Alexander Padilla said coverage for hemodialysis has been expanded due to the growing incidence of kidney diseases in the country and to respond to the increasing clamor from different stakeholders to increase PhilHealth coverage for hemodialysis.

    “Based on a series of consultative meetings and dialogues with our stakeholders, our current coverage of P4,000 for hemodialysis is more than enough to cover the treatment cost per session, thus, we are adjusting the case rate amount to P2,500 per session but extending the number of sessions per year,” Padilla noted.

    The adjusted PhilHealth coverage of P2,500 per session includes payment for facilities and doctors’ fees.


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    1. Albert Obando on

      its nice to hear such good news however, my question is when will this be implemented? what if we already consumed or exhausted or 45 days as most of it will be exhausted this june or july, taking into consideration that availment was started in january….