• Philippine Ambassadors’ Foundation (PAFI) statement on the peace process in Mindanao


    1. PAFI supports continued good faith negotiations and vigorous efforts for just and lasting peace and sustained development in Mindanao.

    2. The Congress of the Philippines has the paramount duty to ensure that any revised organic law for the region in Muslim Mindanao is in accordance with the Philippine Constitution and will lead to genuine peace and prosperity for the entire nation.

    3. Enhanced autonomy is only devolution of power and does not allow partition of Philippine territory.

    4. The Mamasapano tragedy underscores the urgent need for confidence- building measures, including by the MILF, to gain the trust of the Filipino people in the peace process.

    5. The Congress of the Philippines should continue its consultations with all stakeholders, which should include drawing lessons from the experience of the 2001 Expanded Organic Act for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

    6. The PAFI appeals to the President to exercise due prudence and sensitivity in the peace process in view of the implications for the future peace, integrity, and prosperity, of the Philippines.

    7. The Philippine Government should regain ownership and leadership of the peace process.


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