Philippine Center of ITI report

Rosalinda L. Orosa

Rosalinda L. Orosa

Herewith is a press release from Earthsavers:

The Philippine Center of ITI uniquely works in a close coordination with all its committees for synergized national and international activities that are linked to the UN family and other private sector partners in its dynamic use of theatre and its electronic off springs to reach millions in an initiative to strengthen artistic activities while promoting a culture of social justice peace and sustainable development. This has been possible because of the ITI Philippine President and Director of Earthsavers Unesco Dream Center, Cecilia Guidote-Alvarez through her dynamic leadership of instituting Cultural Caregiving Services to vulnerable groups, performances and complementary broadcast and theatre repertoire.

Since Yerevan, all the proposals of the ITI Center have been fulfilled or in the process of execution. The Philippine Center has highlighted International Theatre Institute in the global arena. Philippine ITI President has been personally invited by Unesco Director General, Dr. Irina Bokova to be a panelist in the 1st Unesco ICT World Conference for Persons with Disabilities where she has suggested the fusion of technology and all discipline of the arts in a training module infused with content to confront climate change in Delhi, India in November. This was followed by an Interfaith, Intercultural South-South Dialogue on Protecting the Oceans to address the impacts of climate change with the Ocean Security International at the UNFCCC Summit in Lima, Peru which was officially presented at the COP20 Media Center showcasing music, paintings and poetry focusing on protection of the ocean as carbon sink.

The UNISDR prize of $5,000 was announced for a Global Playwriting Contest that was showcased at the COP21 Conference in Paris. The Philippine Center through its Secretary General, Dr. Isagani Cruz, organized the competition with 31 entries from all the continents. Members of the jury included Dr. Cruz as chairman with International Theatre Institute Director-General, Tobias Biancone and IPF President, Andrea Zagorski.

The winner from Slovenia, Barbara Anderlic came to Paris. UNISDR senior staffer, Glenn Dolcemascolo, presented the prize on behalf of the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. She was also interviewed at the official UN Media Center. Joining Guidote-Alvarez was CIDC Social Change Network Vice-President, Viktor Sebek of Columbia, Pakistan-CEO of Climate Institute, Nassir Khattak, Kenya Presidential Adviser, Ali Mohamed; and Tzu Chi Foundation Vice-President, Debra Bordeaux. The international panel was chaired by Philippine Climate Change Commissioner Heherson Alvarez.

At the COP21 Conference in Paris, the ITI-Earthsavers booth was hailed as “the most colourful and a big hit” in showcasing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through paintings and poetry of handicapable artists and digital arts creation by out-of-school youth. The booth also featured video performances of the Earthsavers Ensemble with the Seoul Institute of the Arts capped by relevant messages with songs by Peter Yarrow from the famous folk-singing group Peter, Paul and Mary.

Philippines had the unique distinction to mark the UN Day for Persons with Disability on the 3rd of December 2015 where Mrs. Guidote-Alvarez was interviewed at COP21 by the Climate Change Studio, besides being selected as the lone Southeast Asian Panelist in a Unesco Headquarters ceremonial panel discussion of inclusivity and connectivity led by Unesco Director-General Bokova.

Paris was successful in forging the global deal for survival of humanity and planet earth but the task of fulfilling the agreement to prevent Armageddon can be undertaken by a creative army of artists-teachers in the ITI to conscienticize, inform and motivate about the collective action required to affirm life. Thus, in Manaus, Brazil, it is planned to give a dramatic reading of the global warming play on climate change, A Continental Divide.


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