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    The Philippines Omnibus Code states that the right of suffrage shall enshrine the “electoral system” suitable to a democratic form of government that shall allow:

     Democratic participation;
     Ensure accountability of public officers primarily to their constituents;
     Encourage formation of “genuinely principled” political parties;
     The electoral system shall be contained in the Philippine Constitution, and
     To be implemented throughout the Philippines’ Territory.

    Item 3

    The provinces, cities, municipalities and barangays
    Geographic areas within the territory shall be the constituent units of the Philippines.

    “Election is the dirtiest game among Filipino people”

     Given your observations, how would you correlate the following in the forthcoming May 9, 2016 National Election to ensure sanctity, clean, honest, and credible election?

    Democratic regulatory system as pertain to Filipino electoral processes.

    The protection of voters and prevention of possible Dagdag Bawas.

    The Board of Election Inspectors (BEI), Board of Election Officers, Board of Canvassers such as Municipal Board of Canvassers (MBOC), Provincial Board of Canvassers (PBOC) are in fair to our candidate.

    The Watchers and Supporters are controlled, strictly and closely monitored.

    If ask to recommend, what is your recommendation to counter all possible means of dishonest and cheating strategies.

    Is the COMELEC guidelines rules, and regulations considered effective to ensure the sanctity and safety as the concrete expression of the will of the people?

    What are the electoral rules and regulations to be put in place in the following sectors to ensure the clean, honest, credible, reliable, peaceful and safe election?

     Armed groups
     Politicians
     Political parties
     Supporters
     Voters
     Election personnel/BEIs
     Media
     Election propaganda/campaign
     Ballots

    What are alternative or additional technologies to the existing technology (PCOS) to reduce electoral cheating?

    Can there be a cross-cutting solution applicable to all electoral stakeholders to ensure an honest, credible, reliable, peaceful and safe election?

    What are possible problems that may encounter with respect to the forth coming 2016 election?