Philippine govt vows to punish anyone liable for Valenzuela factory fire

Activists hold candles and placards during a rally in Valenzuela City  for the victims of a fire that gutted a footwear factory on May 13. AFP PHOTO

Activists hold candles and placards during a rally in Valenzuela City for the victims of a fire that gutted a footwear factory on May 13. AFP PHOTO

The owners of the Kentex Manufacturing factory where 72 people died in a fire could face time in prison, a government task force said Saturday, vowing to punish anyone found responsible as anger grows over the tragedy.

The special inter-agency task force, including members from the national police, the Bureau of Fire Protection, the justice and health departments, have been given two weeks to finish their investigation, said spokesman Renato Marcial.

“Definitely, if someone deserves to be punished, they will be punished,” he told AFP.

The blaze in a two-storey footwear factory in Valenzuela City on Wednesday has highlighted the unsafe working conditions for many in this poverty-stricken nation.

The fire started when sparks from a welder repairing a metal gate apparently ignited nearby chemicals.

Marcial said that Kentex Manufacturing should have had a special permit for such a dangerous welding job and its owners could face charges for safety lapses.

This could range from six months to six years in jail — but, he said, the scale of the fatalities could result in more stringent punishment.

He said the investigation will be “complete, thorough and based on scientific findings”.

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, who initially said the company had followed regulations, has since branded it “immoral” and accused it of a raft of illegal labour practices such as using unregistered “sub-contractors” to get around paying workers the proper amount.

Representatives of both Kentex and the sub-contractor CJC Manpower Services have been summoned to a special meeting with the Labor Department on Monday, Baldoz said.

Agence France-Presse was unable to contact officials from either company for comment. CJC Manpower’s Facebook page only contained a list of job openings.

Representatives for Kentex this weekend gave out an initial 13,000 pesos ($295) to survivors and families of the victims as assistance in the wake of the fire.

However Mayor Rex Gatchalian criticized the company, saying “Kentex is giving them once again the shorter (end) of the stick”.

“This goes to show what type of employer Kentex is and how they treat their employees. These are the same people who gave their lives,” he said in a statement.

President Benigno Aquino’s spokeswoman Abigail Valte said that the fire had prompted the government to step up its enforcement of labor regulations.

“That’s why the Labor Department is also intensifying their inspections when it comes to the industrial work places like (Kentex),” she told reporters.

About 50 activists held a candlelight vigil for the dead workers at a local university, carrying signs saying “Justice for Kentex workers.”



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  1. chthonic monster on

    pure poppycock! mark my word there will never be anybody who will be punished as there will be nobody who will be answerable for this mass cremation! facts you want facts? just look back at the Dona Paz disaster the damn sulpisyo shipping lines is still in operation through the corruption of Marina!