Philippine Heart Center a ‘haven’ for Ruby Rose murder suspect


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SINCE October 2009, Manuel Jimenez Jr., the principal suspect in the kidnapping and murder of Ruby Rose Barrameda, has been living comfortably in the Philippine Heart Center (PHC).

His long stay in the government-run hospital has raised many eyebrows. Many question why he can’t be discharged when there is really nothing wrong with him so that his room could be used by other patients.

The doctors, however, cannot “evict” or discharge him because he is a paying patient.

Hospital officials also could not order his attending physician to transfer him to another hospital since a Navotas City court gave explicit orders that Jimenez must not be returned to the Angono Medics Hospital where he was previously confined.

Doctors told The Manila Times only the nurses tasked by Jimenez’s attending physician to administer his medicines can enter the room. Ironically, state doctors could not interfere in the case because they are employed by the government.

Barrameda’s family has been asking the government to send an investigator from the National Bureau of Investigation to check on Jimenez at the PHC.

“We are not even sure if he is still there or not,” said former beauty queen and actress Rochelle Barrameda, elder sister of Ruby Rose.

Jimenez, who is charged with murder, was detained at the Angono town jail before he was transferred to the Angono Medics after he complained of chest pains.

His lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio, asked the court to transfer Jimenez to the Heart Center which Topacio said is better equipped.

The request was granted by Regional Trial Court Branch 170 of Navotas Judge Hector Almeyda on May 19, 2009.

When Almeyda retired, Jimenez’s case was raffled off to Judge Zaldy Docena. The Barramedas had asked Docena to be allowed to check if Jimenez was still indeed at the PHC.

Docena granted the request but the ruling was halted through a temporary restraining order issued by the Court of Appeals (CA). Jimenez also asked the appellate court to stop Docena from hearing the case, arguing that the judge was partial to the Barramedas.

Rochelle said she has been seeking an appointment with Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to explore options on how to legally evict Jimenez from the PHC.


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  1. Mahirap po ba sila Ms. Rochelle? Parang hindi rin. Kita ko po yan sa church sa LP, puro mamahalin bag at bongga ang mga sasakyan. May yaya pa na mga naka uniform. Pero sad nga po. Kahit may kaya sa lipunan ang mga Barrameda, naapi pa rin. Buti na lang po panig sa kanila ang media at binibigyan sila ng boses.

  2. Wala na talagang pag-asa ang Pilipinas! What do you expect? Multi-millionaire yan suspect kaya hindi makukulong. Mga senador nga nakalaya eh. Kawawa si Ruby Rose pero medyo nakinita ko na na magiging magulo ang buhay nitong mag-ate na ito. Sa perpetual pa lang target na niyang magkapatid na yan mga mayayamang lalaki at DOM. Kaya moral lesson, wag ibugaw ang sarili! Money is not equal to happiness. :'(

  3. Naku manila times! Mali-mali naman infos ng writer nyo! Or napapaikot kayo ng drug pusher n c barrameda! Abogado p lang mali n kagad! Never naging abogado c topacio ni Atty. jimenez! Sna nga magkaalaman n para malaman kung sinu tlga ang salot s lipunan!

    C rochelle pokpok s Guam at drug mule n ngayon ay pusher n! Sna tlga lumabas mga baho nyong pamilya!!

  4. The world is watching us how our government and our justice system adjudicate cases in a manner that is not prejudicial to both the plaintiff and the accused. This particular case could potentially expose the weakness of our justice system, and therefore subject to criticism, should the government ignore the pleading of the plaintiff for help.

  5. Good Luck sa iyo Rochelle! sana suwertihin ka na makausap at maasikaso ni De Lima. Kadaming iniimbestigahan yan. Dagdag ka pa. puro tanggap lang yan, walang resulta.

  6. Ang lakas ni Jimenez sa DOJ, CA at SC. Kawawa naman ang Barrameda family walang tumutulong na sikat na tao. Why is it that One Ball Topacio is the selected Lawyer of all dubious bigtime characters? Is he the new Estelito?

  7. Manuel Jimenez, Jr., a multi-millionaire and the principal suspect in kidnapping and murder of Ruby Rose, has been living comfortably in the Philippine Heart Center since 2009. Ordinarily, a suspect in kidnapping and murder must be detained in a detention jail.

    How come… Jimenez is being kept in the Hospital since 2009, and not in JAIL? Lawyer Ferdinand Topacio is identified with Iglesia ni Cristo. Pinuprotektahan ba ng INC si Jimenez? Si Jimenez ba ay kaanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo?

    Bakit ang simpleng request ng complainant na makita si Jimenez, hinaharang pa ng Court of Appeals. Ano ito, palakasan? O baka naman, “double standard of justice”, isa para sa mahihirap at isang hustisya para sa mayayaman?

    Bakit ganito? Bahagi pa rin ba ito ng TUWID NA DAAN ni Pnoy? Dapat, kung hindi makita si Jimenez… hilingin ni Rochelle Barameda sa Korte kung magkaano na ang naibayad na HOSPITAL Bills ni Jimenez mula noong ma-confined siya rito up to the present.