Philippine Olympics Committee corrects wrong impression


Your July 25, 2017 Manila Times editorial maligns the Philippine Olympic Committee and insults the intelligence of those who attended the June 23, 2017 meeting at the Cabinet Lounge. This meeting was hosted by Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and arranged by Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri.

In that meeting, I informed that under the Rules and Charter of the SEA Games Federation, the national olympic committee of the host country is “the only official body entrusted with the holding of the games but may delegate its duties to an organizing committee chosen by itself.” Thus, the POC appointed Senator Zubiri (the apparent choice of our President) as chairman of its organizing committee.

There was no “preposterous demand impolitically presented by the POC’s representative, lawyer Wencelito Andanar, the father of Communications Secretary Martin Andanar” for POC to be given full control over the hosting of the games as suggested by your editorial writer. The Federation’s Charter already provides so. Further, there was no demand for POC to be given “full control over the proposed PHP 1 billion games fund” and the amount mentioned was even less than half of what your editorial writer claimed.

Since there were no demands, there was nothing to be “rejected outright by Medialdea and Zubiri who jointly decided to withdraw the government’s guarantee for the funding of the games”.

The rest of the editorial is nothing but baseless assertions and unfair innuendos that the POC had “an eye on scheming from the hosting of the games” and “does not have the interests of sports and sportspeople uppermost in mind, but rather only its own selfish interest” It concludes “it is manifestly time that the nation should stop Mr. Jose Cojuangco and the POC from holding national sports hostage to their selfish schemes.” Wow, what an editorialized assassination of institutional and personal honor! I wonder where your editorial writer is coming from.

Sincerely yours,
Wency Andanar
POC Representative


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