Philippine Pavilion draws crowds


The Philippine Pavilion was prominently headed at Hong Kong Filmart this syear by Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) chair Liza Diño.

In an exclusive interview with The Manila Times, she shared “This is actually the second time we have set up a Philippine Pavilion at Filmart. The first time was last year under my term and we were able to bring around 14 film and production companies over. This we came with 25 film companies and production companies offering their films, services and post-production facilities.”

Explaining the value of joining Filmart, Diño continued, “Our goal in being here is for our local producers to understand that there is a big world out there and that our market should not be limited to domestic audiences and patrons but that we should also offer our services to international productions as well. In other words, distribution should no longer be limited to just local markets but expand to other territories. Events especially like Filmart further open opportunities for our films to be shown and exhibited in various parts of the world.”

FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño and Regal Entertainment Vice President Roselle Monteverde (right) PHOTOS FROM FDCP FACEBOOK

Among the bigger companies who joined FDCP in Hong Kong were GMA Network, ABS-CBN, TBA Studios, Regal Films, Star Cinema, Solar Entertainment, Viva Films, QCinema and ToFarm Film Festival, who offered their productions to counterparts around the world who are always on the lookout for new content.

“We have so much great content in terms of movies and TV shows,” Diño confidently said, “but we are still developing the areas of competitiveness and knowledge about the global entertainment industry. So our goal of course is to sell content and services but we also hope that this will give our producers new information that will help them embrace this concept of going beyond the Philippines. Hopefully, they see that everybody else is doing this already and that there is no reason why the Philippines can’t compete in distributing our films to other territories,” she noted.

Lauding two companies in particular Diño related, “In terms of content in television, ABS-CBN is always finding countries where they can distribute their shows already. In terms of films, TBA is very aggressive in their content because they have identified a specific market for their movies, while there is already someone from their team who is really focused on promoting their films beyond the Philippines.”

Diño with Vic del Rosario (left) of Viva Entertainment Inc. and Wilson Tieng of Solar Entertainment Corporation

On March 20, the second night of Filmart, the FDCP hosted the “Philippine Night,” which served as a networking event for the FDCP contingent.

“It’s basically a night where various stakeholders from distributors, festival programmers, sales agents, film commissions meet our local stakeholders. It’s like a business-to-business setup of a party. Happily there are many who seek out Filipino movies to screen in their own festivals,” Diño said.

Finally, the FDCP chairman added her agency will double up this effort in encouraging local producers and filmmakers to broaden their horizons and reach out to other audience beyond the Philippines.

“After the local scene where will you go? What do you see as your revenue streams? What are the other platforms your products should explore? These are the questions we hope to help our local entertainment stakeholders address, and if it means giving them support and subsidies by bringing them to these kinds of events where they will gain the knowledge they need, the FDCP is very happy to do it,” she ended.


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