• Philippine police, vigilantes shoot dead 6 drug suspects


    MANILA: Philippine police shot dead four suspected drug dealers while unknown men gunned down two others, officials said Saturday, raising the death toll for narcotics suspects to 14 this week after president-elect Rodrigo Duterte vowed a war against crime.

    Police killed eight other suspects in the country’s north including two in Manila during the past week as civil rights monitors warned the government against taking illegal shortcuts to fight crime.

    Authorities have insisted the drug suspects were killed lawfully, with the officers firing back after being shot at during separate raids.

    Four more drugs suspects were shot in the southern city of General Santos late Thursday after they fired at undercover police during a sting operation, regional police spokesman Superintendent Romeo Galgo said on Saturday.

    “The suspects were wounded and were brought to (hospital) but were all declared dead on arrival by the attending physician,” Galgo said in a written report.

    He did not report any police casualties in what he described as a short firefight.

    Duterte, the long-time mayor of the southern city of Davao, won the May 9 presidential election in a landslide largely on a pledge to roll out his city’s law-and-order policies nationally.

    The controversial and acid-tongued politician captivated millions of Filipinos, and enraged his critics, with vows of ruthless tactics to end crime within six months.

    The mayor warned security forces would kill tens of thousands of criminals and ignore human rights as he eradicated the scourge of drugs that many voters rated as their top concern.

    Duterte’s campaign threats were backed by his rule in Davao, where he has been accused of running or tolerating death squads that killed more than 1,000 suspects. He takes office on June 30.

    Davao police reported Saturday that unknown gunmen shot and killed two suspected drug dealers this week.

    One victim, attacked at an internet shop on Wednesday, had been out on bail on a drug-related offence.

    The second man was gunned down by two suspects outside a university campus on Friday.

    Three petty thieves were also killed in a single attack by motorcycle-riding gunmen in another area of Davao also on Wednesday.

    “We are doing our best to identify and arrest the suspects,” city police spokeswoman Chief Inspector Milgrace Driz told reporters. AFP



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    1. Loyta Verite on

      Stopping corruption is obviously a good thing. However by allowing ‘vigilantes’ and the police kill without any follow up to verify that the use of deadly force was justified you create a far worse corruption. For we then go back to the days of police saying ‘pay us, be arrested or die’. Or if you speak out against any group of the government you can be shot and the police simply say you were doing something illegal if they bother to say anything at all with no accountability.

      How long before no one stands up to the many evils of our government for fear of being killed. Most people are already afraid of retaliation if they speak out. Now that it is vigilantes, which are usually not the most moral or honest people, have a ‘get out of jail free card’ I truly fear what will happen to everyone in our country.

    2. David Michael Meyer on

      Is this a response by the police –to the president elect tacit agreement to “Scalps” for bounty hunters and vigilante police .

      .If so we can expect more. of the same –It will be case of shoot first and ask questions later ….we will have a law like the wild west ..I am sure that is not what our president to be ===wishes .

      ..The president presumptive no doubt wants too clean up corruption and crime ..A most commendable ambition ..But Two wrongs do not make a right..

      By giving” his nod” to the concept of the only good criminal is a dead one ..We give rise to the emergence of police “killings”…; having as they think the blessing of the next President ; already getting an early start …

      Gone will be the rule of law..The rule of the gun will take its place ..and a body count will mean money in the pocket ..What price anarchy then ?

      Dr David M Meyer (PhD Psych)

    3. We need a clean Philippines from illegal drugs. The country has no satisfactory score in convicting drug possers and suppliers. We have to do through the hard way. There are no convictions of criminals in PH, It may take 30 years to convict criminals in PH like the Maguindanao massacre, PDAF, etc. I think justice is being bought and sold in PH

      • john porter on

        how can there be any result for the maguindanao massacre when the lawyer for the suspected killers is the pres spokesperson tanga!

    4. Mga salot ng lipunan , that is the answer to these scums. They will not stop dealing drugs because there is a lot of money in drugs. Look at Mexico, drugs all over. There is no Duterte or vigilante in Mexico. Drug dealers are paying assassins to kill police and judges. If our president cannot control criminals, we will be like Mexico. Even with the military, drug cartels are all over. Davao 30 years ago is like hell. That time, I told myself, Davao is the worst place to live. Now, it is generally peaceful.