Philippine, Russian police seek closer cooperation in fighting transnational crimes




Officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Russian Federation are proposing an expanded agreement to address issues and concerns on transnational crimes.

On first day of the 34th ASEANAPOL Conference in Manila on Tuesday, the Russian Minister of Internal Affairs, Police Colonel General Vladimir Kolokoltsev and PNP Chief Director General Alan Purisima held talks aimed at closer mutual cooperation in preventing and combating transnational crimes

The Russian ministry sent an observer delegation to the conference in Manila that has the theme: “Forging Strong Partnership for Peace, Security and Progress.”

Kolokoltsev said he wanted more extensive cooperation with ASEANAPOL-member national police forces and dialogue partners in dealing with terrorism, cybercrime, child pornography and other internet-related crimes, and drug trafficking.

Purisima is also working on a memorandum of understanding that will provide a framework for such a cooperation.

The Russian police delegation also expressed concern over the rescue of Russian women who were working in karaoke and adult entertainment bars in the Philippines.

Kolokoltsev said his ministry is willing to accept exchange students from the Philippines for peacekeeping training and courses in the light of continuing threats posed by terrorist organizations and international criminal syndicates specializing in trafficking-in-persons (TIP).

Russia has been one of the entry points of trafficking victims in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

Kolokoltsev also invited Purisima to an exhibition of the latest police gear and equipment in October.

Also in the conference’s agenda are discussions on maritime fraud; commercial crime, bank offenses and credit card fraud; fraudulent travel documents and transnational Fraud.



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