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    I was being too modest in the first part of this column.

    I should have said that if Jerard Dominic Jacinto competed in the 40th SEA Age Group Swimming Championship 2016, he could have won three gold medals for the Philippines, rather than just being a “podium finisher.”

    Jacinto, at 15 years old, posted 27.33 in 50m backstroke (the gold medallist in the SEA Age Group Swimming Championship notched 28.58). In 100m backstroke, Jacinto’s time is 59.06 (the gold medallist in the SEA posted 1:02.61). In 200 backstroke, Jacinto’s time is 2:09.55 (the gold medallist in the SEA registered 2:14.77).

    Jacinto presently owns the best time record in backstroke among local swimmers – that is something that the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) should consider.

    The Philippine Swimming League (PSL) through former Senator Anna Dominique Coseteng is questioning the exclusivity policy of the Philippine Swimming, Inc. (PSi), a national sports association (NSA) under the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC).

    “Considering that fund is coming from the Government, which is extended to the PSi should have been for every Filipino citizen that is qualified to be in the National Team, and follow the system of ‘Sports-for-all’, as mandated by law there must be no discrimination,” Coseteng said.

    Coseteng prays that the PSC will use its legal powers to make things right.

    The PSC is empowered by the following legal provision:

    Section 11-(J)— “To exercise supervisory and visitorial powers over the national sports associations in connection with their sports promotion and development programs with respect to which financial assistance is extended by the Commission.

    F. The Commission may confer, extend and grant support or assistance to sports associations, which are in good standing with the Commission, in consonance with Section 11(i) of R.A. No, 6847,

    However, the NSA must comply with the following requirements to maintain its good standing:

    1. Submission of Certificate of No Derogatory Information from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);

    2. Submission of evidence of compliance with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) requirement on quarterly filing of Corporate Income Tax Return, Management Responsibilities, Annual Income Tax Return;

    3. Submission of evidence of compliance with the Reportorial requirements of SEC, including Audited Financial Statement;

    4. Compliance in good faith on the liquidation requirements for each assistance given to NSA under an Affidavit on Undertaking with the PSC;

    5. Annual update on General Information Sheet (GIS).

    G. All NSA requests signed by their Secretary-General must be duly approved or noted by their incumbent President.

    H. No assistance or any support shall be granted by the Commission to NSAs with intra-corporate conflict.

    I. An NSA, which has received financial assistance or any support from the Commission for the conduct of any sports event/game or any sports activity, must acknowledge the PSC in all its promotional materials and in all its press releases in print, broadcast and social media networks.

    All resolutions inconsistent herewith are hereby revised, repealed and/or modified accordingly.

    That the above resolution is in full force and effect has not been altered, amended or revoked to date.

    Issued in Manila City, on 18 November 2016. “

    If the actions of an NSA, such as the PSi is against law, the PSC has the power to impose sanctions under Section 11 (M) of the Power of the Commission.

    In fact, the PSi has been for decades violating PSC policies and regulation and should have been penalized and abolished. However, the past PSC Chairman, Ricardo Garcia with his commissioners, together with the POC tolerated Psi’s infringement.

    Many PSi coaches are even guilty of coercing swimmers not to compete in tournaments not sanctioned by the PSi.

    Coercion is a crime and Coseteng is now seriously considering filing charges against coaches who will coerce swimmers not to compete in non-PSi events.

    As I’ve said, this problem has been present for decades but we must see changes under the Duterte administration.

    One of the objectives of the PSC is to encourage all sectors including government and private to participate in sports.

    PSC Commissioner Ramon Fernandez said that under Resolution No. 1162-2016, “which NSA do you think will qualify?”

    Coseteng together with Dante Jimenez of Volunteers against Crime and Corruption will closely watch the dealings of the PSi and its president Mark Joseph.

    A child abuse case was filed by Paul Jerome against Joseph in the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Quezon City. Joseph posted bail for his temporary liberty while on trial.

    Another case against him was also filed in Office of the Ombudsman, which was already forwarded to the Sandigan Bayan. A warrant of arrest was issued and he has to post bail for his temporary liberty.

    All of these are worth revealing and must be considered by the PSC.


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