Philippines’ defense forces (completed as per ra 7898, 2010-2016)


PERSONNEL (as of 2016)
Active Personnel: 160,000
Reserve Personnel: 430,000

Philippine Army
Harris Falcon II Radios (20W Manpack, 20W High Frequency, 50W Vehicle Mounted, 5W Handheld)
Upgraded M113 Armored Personnel Carriers
KM-451 Field Ambulances
6 M-71 155mm Howitzers and Ammunition from (together with the Philippine Navy)
R4A3 5.56mm (together with the Philippine Navy)
28 Armored Vehicles
3,480 Force Protection Equipment
2,200 40mm grenade launchers
44 60mm mortars
12,657 assault rifles

Philippine Navy
Coast Watch Stations
BRP Tagbanua landing craft utility (LCU)
Upgrade of Jacinto-class patrol craft
2 Frigates, one more on the way
5 AW-109E Power naval helicopters
Strategic Sealift Vessel (Tarlac-class) landing platform dock
44, 080 force protection equipment
50, 629 assault rifles
Multi-Purpose Attack Craft
Philippine Air Force:
8 AW-109E Power armed helicopters
3 C-295M medium tactical transport aircraft
2 NC-212i light tactical transport aircraft
18 SF-260FH basic trainer aircraft
Bell 412 combat utility helicopters
UH-1 combat utility helicopters
2 FA-50 lead-in fighter supersonic aircraft

Comparative military modernization with other Asian nations as of 2013


190,000 military personnel, with 200,000 reserves
Tanks: 793 (50 Type-69, 105 M48A5, 178 M60A1, 154 Scorpion, 200 M41, 106 Stingray)
APCs: 1,035 (340 M113, 162 V150 Commando, 18 Condor, 450 Type-85, 32 Shorland Mk3,
33 LVTP-7)
155mm howitzers: 218 (56 M114, 62 M198, 32 M71, 42 GHN-45/A1, 20 M109A2, 12 GC45)
Other artillery: LG1 105mm, M101/M102 105mm, M168A2 105mm, Type 59 130mm
81mm, 107mm, 120mm mortars
Anti-Tank missiles: TOW, Dragon

1 Aircraft Carrier (Chakri Naruebet, with 9 Harrier V/STOL fighter-bombers, 6 S-70B
Seahawk helicopters)
Missile-equipped naval vessels: 16 (4 Jianghu frigates, 2 Naresuan frigates, 2 Knox frigates,
2 Rattanakosin corvettes, 3 Ratcharit missile boats and 3 Prabparapak missile boats)
Minehunters: 7
LSTs: 7
On Order: 2 Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs)

Air Force
13 F5A/B jetfighters
50 F16A/B jetfighters
36 F5 Tiger II fighter-bombers
34 L-39ZA training/ground attack
18 OV-10C, 3 RF-5A reconnaissance aircraft
20 Alpha jet trainers
58 MR/ASW aircraft (various makes: P3T Orion, UP-3T, Do-228, F-27, S2F, Cessna T337
Skymaster, A-7E, TA-7C, O-1G, U-17B, N-24A Nomad)
SAM: Redeye, HN-5A, Aspide, Blowpipe, RBS-70, Starburst


230,000 military personnel, with 400,000 reserves
Tanks: 455 (275 AMX13, 50 Scorpion, 130 PT-76)
APCs: 731 (AMX-VCI, Saracen, Commando, Ranger, Stormer, BTR-40, BTR-50, BRDM,
AMX-10 PAC90, AMX-10P, Saladin, Ferret, VBL)
Artillery: M48 76mm, M101 105mm, LG-1 Mk II 105mm, M-38 122mm, 81mm and
120mm mortars

Missile-equipped naval vessels: 14 (6 Van Speijk frigates, 3 Fatahillah corvettes, 1 Hajar
Dewantara corvette, 4 Dagger fast missile boats)
OPVs: 7 patrol frigates, 16 Parchim corvettes, 8 Lurssen 57m craft
Submarines: 2 Type 209
Amphibious: 26 LSTs
Minehunters/sweepers: 12

Air Force
2 Su-20 fighter-bombers
2 Su-27 jetfighters
14 A4 Skyhawk fighter-bombers
10 F16A/B jetfighters
12 F5 Tiger II fighter-bombers
42 Hawk jet trainers/ground attack aircraft
12 OV10F reconnaissance aircraft
3 Boeing 737-200 MR
2 KC-130B air tankers
26 Super Puma helicopters
63 transport aircraft (various makes: C130, L100-30, B-707, Cessna 207, Cessna 401, C-402,
F27-400M, F28-1000, F28-3000, NC-212, Skyvan, CN-235-110)
SAM: Rapier, RBS-70


80,000 military personnel, with 60-70,000 reserves
Tanks: 26 Scorpion
APC: 1,210 (KIFV, Commando, Stormer, Condor, M3 Panhard, Sibmas, AML-60/90,
155mm howitzers: 12 FH70
Other artillery: Model 56 105mm, M102A1, light mortars, Astros MRLS
Anti-Tank missiles: SS-11, Eryx
On order: 211 ACV-300 IFVs, 22 Denel G5 155mm SP howitzers, 48 PT-91M Main Battle
Tanks, AT-7 Saxhorn anti-tank missiles

Missile-equipped naval vessels: 2 Leiku Frigates (Exocet SSM and Seawolf SAM), 2 FS1500 Frigates (Exocet SSM), 4 Laksamana (Assad) missile corvettes (OTO Melara SSM), 8 Spica/Combattante II missile boats (Exocet SSM)
Minehunters: 4 Lerici minehunters
On order: 6 Meko A-100 OPVs, 1 Agosta (training) submarine, 2 Scorpene submarines, 6
Super Lynx and 6 Fennec helicopters

Air Force
8 F18D Hornet jetfighters
17 MiG29 jetfighters
13 F5E jetfighters
25 Hawk jet trainers/ground attack
2 RF-5E reconnaissance jetfighters
9 MB-339, 52 Pilatus PC-7 trainers/ground-attack
3 KC-130H air tankers
4 Beech King Air B200T MR
RPV: Eagle 150
SAM: Javelin, Starburst, Anza
On order: 18 Su-30 jetfighters, 11 A109M helicopters
Source as provided by the DND: Military Power in Southeast Asia; S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies


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