Philippines’ Duterte in hot water for wolf whistling a journalist


MANILA: Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte was on Thursday accused of sexual harassment and disrespecting women after wolf whistling a female journalist on a nationally televised news conference.

Duterte, 71, interrupted a question from television reporter Mariz Umali on Tuesday night about his Cabinet appointees with a light-hearted comment about her trying to get his attention, then wolf whistling and breaking into a short serenade.

Umali continued trying to ask her question as Duterte smiled and some other reporters laughed.

In an interview with her GMA network on Thursday, Umali described his remarks as “improper.”

While Umali said she would not ask for an apology and sought not to inflame the controversy, her journalist husband took to Facebook to criticize Duterte.

“Catcalling my wife is wrong in so many levels,” husband Raffy Tima wrote. “Some jokes are funny and should be laughed at but disrespecting women is definitely not one of them.”

At the same press conference, Duterte created another controversy by saying there was justification for killing corrupt journalists, and that one “rotten son of a bitch” reporter deserved to have been murdered.

Duterte, an incendiary politician who won last month’s elections by a landslide on a pledge to end crime by killing tens of thousands of criminals, has previously been criticized for comments about women.

On the campaign trail he made a joke about wanting to rape a “beautiful” Australian missionary who had been sexually assaulted and murdered in a 1989 prison riot in his hometown of Davao.

When his daughter reacted to those comments by revealing she had been raped, Duterte described her in jest as a “drama queen.”

Duterte, whose first marriage was annulled and is in a long-term relationship with another woman, has also openly boasted about having mistresses and using Viagra to have sex with them.

Aida Santos, president of local women’s rights groups WeDpro, said Duterte’s wolf whistling was a form of sexual harassment.

“Catcalling treats women as sex objects… some say it’s a way of being cute but it’s wrong,” Santos told Agence France-Presse.

Duterte and his aides have repeatedly said such controversial comments and actions should not be taken too seriously: that he is a straight-talker and an authentic character who likes to joke and speak the language of the streets.

They also point to his pro-women policies in Davao, which he has ruled as mayor for most of the past two decades.

However Duterte’s jokes sent messages to society, according to Elizabeth Angsioco, national chair of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines.

“His words and actions reinforce looking at women as second-class citizens,” she told AFP. AFP



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  1. My word here : SOME MEDIA …They got paid for their services … they ruin lives with their DAG DAG BAWAS word… they also expose for being BIASED to choose the news that the been paid for.. But to expose the people who commit SUICIDE due to humiliation caused by these “MEDIA” ?? do they admit it for some part the are also the reason people die because of them?? where is justice there?? are they killers too ???… Then SOME MEDIA will answer the same way of word used by Pres. DUTERTE ” hindi naman sila mamamatay or mapapatay kung walang ginawa” HELLO SOME MEDIA !!! you are also taking the same medicine.. and your attitude is called Hypocrisy.

  2. He is actually a genuine double-minded person and resents the chose of majority for his utang-na-loob and give more weight for friendship.

  3. The first time I heard about ACDC (Attack Collect Defense Collect) when I was still in college 35 years ago. There is no doubt it is still existing to this day as mentioned by President DU30. It is the most sharp heart penetrating blade being used by someone with a devil heart (corrupt journalist) to push back the prospect victim for submission. Just unfortunate those who are not involved were dragged and marked the same rotten eggs. There is a saying that nothing to worry if you are not guilty.

  4. I already said all along that the DU30 is double minded and unstable in many ways.
    You’ll see more controversies, dealings with our enemies, uncharacteristic of a president and my advise to our Senators and Congressmen to watch him and if he do not change then start looking for replacement before it’s too late.