Philippines eyed as host of this year’s Miss World



Organizers of the Miss World international beauty pageant would like to stage the prestigious event in the Philippines in November.

Vice President Jejomar Binay on Thursday said Miss World Events Director Steve Douglas, Miss World Philippines organizer Cory Quirino and Miss World 2013 Megan Young presented their proposal for the country to host the beauty contest in November.

Young, Quirino and Douglas called on the Vice President in his office at the Coconut Palace in Pasay City.

Young and Douglas said the proposal to hold the finals in the country will boost efforts to help the victims of Super typhoon Yolanda.

Young said the pageant, will showcase the resilience of Filipinos and boost tourism in the country.

“We will be able to promote Philippine tourism around the world” and show that Filipinos ”are survivors,” she said.

Binay said holding the Miss World pageant in the Philippines would “create a lot of mileage for the country.”

“I suppose it will be safe to say that if this [pageant]is hosted by the Philippines, it will make the country more well known,” he said.

Asked why they considered the Philippines as host of the next Miss World, Quirino said “it was more than an idea. It is a dream and a wish list from the beginning for the Philippines to hold the Miss World pageant.”

“And I guess it was a sign from heaven when Megan won. Then right after that, a month later, typhoon Yolanda happened. So, I guess there is a message for Megan to help rebuild the country by bringing the attention of the world to the country,” she said.

Quirino expressed hope that the pageant organizers could solicit support from the government to make it successful.

“They will expect to see the biggest and most prestigious pageant in the world to be hosted here by the Philippines. We will have a month-long celebration celebrating the culture, the beauty, the passion of the Philippines,” she added.

Quirino said they are waiting for President Benigno Aquino 3rd  to look at their proposal.




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  1. As far as my humbe suggestion is concerned as a citizen of the Philippines,I firmly believe that hosting the most biggest and prestigious beauty competitions of Miss World 2014 in November is a great honor for the Filipinos to be proud of.We will show to the whole World that we have the most beautiful venues compared to other countries. For the pre-pageant of Miss World 2014,I humbly suggest the Cebu International Convention Center,to boost the tourism in that place.Secondly for the cultural show and evening gown competition of this event will be in Solaire Hotel or in World Resort Hotel so there will be a touch of class for the candidates. I do highly hope that Mrs Cory Quirino and our beloved President will push throug of this humble suggestion of mine,para di naman Tayo kahiya hiya sa buong mundo during the live telecast for almost 130countries and billions of viewers. And finally for the final night and coronation venue,I hope it will be held in one of the most modern Hotel in the country which is the Belle Grande Hotel and Casino, the Philippine Arena which both will be open on July this year.Lastly I hope our beloved President will open the Naia 3 for all International flight,or the speed renovation of Naia1 instead opening on January 2015 so that when the delegates of Miss World landed in Philippine soil they will have a good impression on us The Philippines. Lastly the entertainer of this event I suggest the One Direction group from Ireland and our very own International singer Charice. Hope the 2 host will be a prominent one from other countries not from our local artist para di Tayo ma lagay sa kahihiyan. Thanks for this oppurtunity,to all my fellow Citizens in Heaven,forgive me this are only my down to Earth suggestion,God bless the People of the Philippines.

  2. A beauty contest that needs Abnoy’s approval. BS! Tell him to work on the pressing problems of the country! If the pageant is held here, surely the Pork Queen will ty to act “pabling” kuno.